TOP 10 Things to Do in PARIS in 2019 | France Travel Guide

In this video we’ll show you 10 best things to do in Paris. And don’t forget to like this video and subscribe to our channel. And share your own Paris experience in the comments below. The suggestions are based on our exciting trip to this beautiful city. Here are our top 10 picks: NUMBER 1: MONTMARTRE Montmartre is […]

PARIS SOLO TRIP: Traveling alone for the 1st time! πŸ‡«πŸ‡·

I haven’t had a foot injury like this since track when I was in school I loved to run so I wasn’t track and I remember getting injured once But it wasn’t severe so, it could be worse you guys. Um, so try to stay optimistic here So that’s like the biggest update. Other than that, I’ve been […]

Future of Travel & Transport Summit avec Google Maps France & Snowdrop Solutions

I am very happy to have clients and people interested in Google Maps at Google today with us. We shared best practices, our experiences for the public and for the companies I think the future is very interesting with machine learning and new services around location intelligence so I hope that in few months we will be able […]

PARIS Travel Guide: Best Things to See, Do & Eat! | Little Grey Box

Hey you guys Phoebe here from Little Grey Box with Matt behind the camera and today we are in beautiful Paris as part of our #squadSQ adventure with the team at Singapore Airlines where they send eight adventurers to different corners of their extensive network and lucky us we drew Paris. Now if you haven’t watched our first […]

25 Best Places to Visit in Europe – Travel Europe

Although it is the world’s second smallest continent, Europe welcomes more than half of all the tourists worldwide. In fact, 7 of the 10 most visited countries in the world are European nations. It’s easy to see why; a well-preserved cultural heritage, rich history, safety and efficient infrastructure makes visiting Europe a breeze. Here’s a look at the […]