Who are the Kalash People in Pakistan? | Travel Documentary

Pakistan, the land of colours in this video, we are travelling to a lesser-known place on planet earth I’m not talking about Pakistan but is a remote area which is part of this country an area where the ancient group of Kalash lives. there are less than four thousand Kalash people left in the world and we are […]

Gilgit to Skardu… SO EPIC! | Pakistan Travel Vlog | Ep. 10

Good Morning from Gilgit, Pakistan. Last night when I checked in we’d come through another tough journey really jam-packed day, end of the night with about a four hour drive all the way here to this beautiful hotel and now it’s about 7:30 in the morning and we are about to hit the road again in about half […]

Sending My Indian Wife to PAKISTAN (Kartarpur Corridor & Gurudwara)

Greetings in Punjabi and Urdu, friends. Today, I am sending my wife across the border to Pakistan. This is not a joke, I am not kidding. Karl: Have you told your parents that I’m doing this, that you are going? Manisha: Yeah, they know. Karl: Ok. So, tell us how we getting there Manu? Manisha: So we are […]

Attabad Lake and Hussaini Bridge! | Pakistan Travel Vlog | Ep. 09

On January 4th 2010, a raging landslide stormed down the mountains of Hunza Valley The disaster killed 20 people, and displaced thousands, as the landslide caused the formation of this Lake. Attabad Lake. As the country overcame the disaster opportunity arose as the lakes pristine turquoise waters, brought with it a large tourist boom. On this episode, we […]

Exploring More of Hunza Valley and FOOD! | Pakistan Travel Vlog | Ep. 08

What do you think of Hunza so far? (I think it is very, very beautiful) (And it’s really warm, which I really like) It’s a unique place though, isn’t it? Because they got 99% literacy rate here, so everyone’s super intelligent, super friendly on top of that. (And you can see, just by looking around that, this place […]