Whale Strike!! What if you HIT A WHALE with a Sail boat? (Tips from the Pros #3/P. Childress #53)

hello I’m Patrick Childress this is third in the series tips from the pros and in just a minute we’ll get with Hank Schmitt from offshore passage opportunities and see how he dealt with his whale strike the whale strike that you saw at the beginning of this video happened to my wife Rebecca and I while we’re […]

Mullet Run Inshore Saltwater Fishing for Snook in Stuart, Florida

Today we’re fishing in Stuart, Florida it’s a gorgeous morning and we just got to the boat ramp at Sandsprit Park, I just threw my net, one cast and we got some bait there’s some live mullets everywhere Ok, so the first thing I did with this morning was catch the bait i’ve got probably a dozen two […]