Whale Strike!! What if you HIT A WHALE with a Sail boat? (Tips from the Pros #3/P. Childress #53)

hello I’m Patrick Childress this is third in the series tips from the pros and in just a minute we’ll get with Hank Schmitt from offshore passage opportunities and see how he dealt with his whale strike the whale strike that you saw at the beginning of this video happened to my wife Rebecca and I while we’re […]

Ski & Snowboard Park Contest – Red Bull Innsnowation 2013 Italy

Red Bull Innsnowation is a competition tour. Its motto is: design it, build it, ride it. Today is the final day! Today is the last step of the tour, here in Val Senales. This tour brought us to Chiesa Val Malenco’s Palù park, to trentino at the Monte Bondone and now we’re in the Alps at Val Senales. […]

Traveling Palawan made today the best day in my life [Battle Trip/2019.10.20]

Are you going somewhere? Yes, we’re going to El Nido. (The last hidden sight in Palawan) It’s so pretty. I want to see it from up there. Where the drone shot it from. I want to take a helicopter tour. This place looks great too. – Gosh! / – Why’s it so nice? It was so beautiful. It’s […]

Nusa Penida, Bali: DAY 2. Swim with Manta-Rays, T-Rex Bay + Angel’s Billabong + Broken Beach!

Yesterday on Nusa Penida, we soared high. We explored the eastern tip of the island. Today we’re exploring the southwest and our first of many stops is Angels Billabong. We’ll also go for a swim with a squadron of manta rays. All this beauty and we’re just 30 minutes away from Bali. I’m Kristina and this is John […]

Scuba Diving and Muddy Adventures on Isle St. Marie- Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 122

All right, you guys ready? Ready. Dive, dive, dive, dive! [MUSIC PLAYING] Previously on Delos. Yeah, the weather has finally cleared. It’s sunny skies, and the wind has gone away. This is what Madagascar is all about. And our new crew arrives. I’ve never been so excited to see people that I’ve never met. Nice to meet you. […]

Recreational Blue Crabbing: Fishing Regulations

Blue crabs are vulnerable to pollution, habitat loss and harvest pressure. Georgia’s blue crab fishery is managed by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Coastal Resources Division. Catch and size limits are intended to keep crabbers from taking too many crabs at one time and protect crabs of spawning size. It is important for recreational crabbers to abide […]

Recreational Blue Crabbing: Crabbing Gear

Coastal Georgia is a popular site for recreational crabbing. It’s allowed year-round at any time of the day and there are a number of ways for licensed crabbers to harvest blue crabs. Blue crab traps, or pots, can be used by licensed recreational crabbers. They can be purchased at local hardware and marine supply stores. Crabbers may use […]