TOP 10 Things to do in NEW YORK CITY | NYC Travel Guide 2019

In this video, we’ll show you 10 best things to do in New York City. The suggestions are based on our exciting trip to the city that never sleeps. And don’t forget to like this video, subscribe to our channel, and enable notifications. And share your own New York experience in the comments below. We also created a […]

What a 19-Hour Nonstop Flight Can Teach Us About Jet Lag | WSJ

(engines whirring) – Singapore to Newark, Auckland to Doha, Perth to London, the three longest flights in the world, for now. I’m here at New York’s JFK Airport about to board a nonstop flight to Sydney, Australia. It’s one of three research flights being run by Qantas. The others will be from London to Sydney and a second […]

How wheelchair tennis provides a successful model for adaptive sports

JUDY WOODRUFF: Adaptive sports, recreational or competitive sports played by people with disabilities, are growing in popularity, as are the skill levels of the athletes. One of the established growing sports is wheelchair tennis. William Brangham went to the U.S. Open in New York to talk with some of the top players. WILLIAM BRANGHAM: Twenty-eight-year-old Dana Mathewson hits […]

The Future of Farming

Over the next two decades, a technological wave will revolutionize the efficiency of farms all over the world. It can’t come soon enough. By the year 2050 the human population will be nearly 10 billion—which means we’ll need to have doubled the amount of food we now produce. This is an examination of the agricultural innovations coming down […]

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