Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Cancelled His Trip to Greenland

-Let’s get to the news. President Trump held an impromptu press conference today and said he was very surprised that his son Don Jr. has been subpoenaed by the Senate, adding, “Honestly, I thought he was already in jail.” [ Laughter ] At a campaign rally in Florida last night, President Trump predicted that news outlets will be […]

Character Journey: Jason – The Good Place (Digital Exclusive)

-This is Jason. -We’re off the hook! This is amazing! Babe, we are going to be trying to make love all night long. -During his life on Earth, he did a lot of questionable things. Can you really blame him? -Bortles! [ Explosion ] -His dad’s name is Donkey Doug. This is Donkey Doug. -I don’t think of […]

Does David Look Like Mr. Shue? How to Interview Assange’s Lawyer Not About Assange

here’s something interesting last week i mentioned that we got a couple of a rather one email from a listener saying that i look like mister shoe from the show glina say i’d never seen the show i have no idea what what mister she looks like an alex wicker shelf because our captions in transcriptions actually decide […]

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