Fly is an enterprise software company for corporate travel booking

(calming music) – So Fly, we provide software for companies we help them save money and time on their travel bookings, we help them book the right travel at the right time. It’s really born out of my own frustration of booking last minute, and basically paying two to three-x more for this event I already knew I […]

Future of Travel & Transport Summit avec Google Maps France & Snowdrop Solutions

I am very happy to have clients and people interested in Google Maps at Google today with us. We shared best practices, our experiences for the public and for the companies I think the future is very interesting with machine learning and new services around location intelligence so I hope that in few months we will be able […]

Introducing Google Tulip

Hello, nice to meet you. The Netherlands produce about 50% of all flowers in the world. The most famous one of all? The tulip of course. Flowers are really remarkable organisms. We’ve know for decades that they can actually communicate to each other through their root system. For the past 2 years, Wageningen University has been working very […]