Learn the top 20 French Travel Phrases You Should Know

Hi, watchers! Are you coming to France soon? Because this week, we’re going to learn about 20 travel phrases you should know. Merci. “Thank you.” Anytime you receive something or someone was nice to you, Merci! “Thank you!” Excusez-moi. “Excuse me.” Anytime you bump into someone or if you step on the foot because metro is crowded or […]

Why Cities Are Where They Are

This is a Wendover Productions video made possible by Squarespace. Make your next move with a beautiful website from Squarespace. The Cumberland valley is home to six towns lying between Hagerstown, Maryland and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania— Greencastle, Chambersburg, Shippensburg, Newville, Carlisle, and Mecanicsburg. What’s exceptional about these small Pennsylvania towns is that they’re each almost exactly 10 miles from […]

Learn the 20 Travel Phrases You Should Know in Spanish

Hello! My name is Rosa and this is Spanish Top Words. And today, we’ll be doing top 20 travel phrases you should know. ¿Cuánto cuesta esto? “How much is this?” You can also say… ¿Cuánto vale? ¿Hablas inglés? “Do you speak English?” In most cases, the answer to that might not be that positive. Yeah, you can try. […]

Hiking through a Lava Tube – Craters of the Moon National Monument – Arco, Idaho

So underneath the ground here the ground was shifting and lava came up and caused all these balsa rocks to come up. When molten lava advances into a forest trees are engulfed in a river of molten rock The trees burn releasing stored water as a stream the stream cools the lava enough to leave an impression of […]

English Way – DVD 11 – Travel Lesson 02 – Happy birthday

ls that for me? No, it’s for mum. She’s on her way here. She usually comes in for a drink after work on Fridays. Oh. What day is it today? Friday. No, it isn’t. lt’s Thursday! Oh yeah! Well, she sometimes comes in on Thursdays, too. Really? So today isn’t a special occasion. . . l don’t think […]

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