New Destination For Photography & Sample photos – 4 Photographers Seascape Photography & Shipwrecks

hey guys what’s up I have some friends who are shooting the abandoned ship on the beach so they called me to join them I’ll be joining them I might not take that much shots I would just use my vlogging camera I will take few shots and we’ll see what shooting technique are they using how they’re […]

Keep things SIMPLE to IMPROVE your photography | Fuji XT2 challenge

just doesn’t get any better than this so this week come back in the late district and I’m quite excited about this really I’ve got a challenge that I set up with a photographer Steven Hanna you’ve probably seen his YouTube channel and his photos on the Irish coastline are really amazing and I think he’s just recently […]

Landscape Photography | Conquering the Camera Settings

Hello and here we are again ready to shoot some landscape photography in today’s video what I thought I would do is spend this video talking a little bit more about landscape photography settings it’s something a lot of you asked me about a lot so today I will show you my process. Also today’s episode is sponsored […]