Careers on Vacation Review: Travel Agency Owner Se’Error

Hey guys, Cyndi Williams here. I am your host from Careers on I have the most amazing guest today Se’Error Minor from Lucid Dreams Vacations Se’Error, how are you this morning? I’m doing really well, I’m doing great! I’m so glad I spent some time with you Se’Error, recently went through our Mastermind in Careers on Vacation […]

Careers on Vacation Review: From Travel Agency Owner Alison

Hey everybody Cyndi Williams here from Careers on Vacation. I have the amazing one and only, my good friend Alison Frey Trasformativa Travel with us here this morning to talk about her experience with Careers on Vacation. Alison, how are you today? Good Cyndi, how are you today? I’m so good I’m so good! I wanted to first […]