A Man Flew More Than 1,000 Times in a Very Strange Way

Do you like planes? These steel birds often evoke conflicting emotions: they mesmerize some people and terrify others. But also, there are those who can’t live without the thrill of take-off and the excitement of landing. And among them was a man who bought airplane tickets, not to get to some destination, but just for the sake of […]

Belfast’s Pregabalin Addiction | Drugs Map of Britain

I’ve already hit that once. HE LAUGHS HE SNIFFS Power. Lovely. Kenneth has just picked up an emergency dose of Pregabalin from the chemist, a drug he’s prescribed to treat anxiety. Pregabalin is prescribed to treat anxiety, epilepsy and nerve pain. In Northern Ireland, prescriptions have increased by 27% in the last six years, and the drug is […]

RIT’s 2017 Volunteer of the Year: E. Philip Saunders

E. Philip Saunders – a home-grown entrepreneur. He makes the world more accessible for all of us through achievenemts in business – and philanthropy. Phil’s knack for creative problem solving – combined with a visionary instinct for seizing opportunities – contribute to his long-standing success. Hard work generated his personal good fortune – and he’s never hesitated to […]

Sparx – Roaming Mobile Marketing from Starhome

Meet Sparx STARHOME Sparx – A giant leap forward in roaming… and it won’t cloud your vision. It’s a regular busy day at the airport. Thousands of passengers are coming and going, most of them are probably roamers. Meet Andy, Now meet Gwen, And finally: meet David. The three of them have only just arrived to-and-from the exact […]

A 12-year-old is biking one of the hardest routes in China

Wang Runxi is on a 1,300-mile bike ride across the Tibetan Plateau. He’s only 12. The 23-day trip is his dad’s idea. His father, Chao, believes trips like this teach Runxi perseverance. Chao has had his son run more than 15 marathons since he turned nine. In recent years, China’s government has championed participation in sports. Close to […]