America’s Most CRAZY Hike? Angel’s Landing – Zion National Park

Don’t do this unless you’re crazy… and we’re crazy Gotta fuel up for our hike today with a ho-made pie Hey everybody and welcome to Zion National Park We are here at the trailhead for Angel’s Landing. This place is called the Grotto Now we’re here in winter and the shuttles for this park are not running. So […]

Building momentum and fighting resistance ~ Innsbruck, Austria

Hello everyone, hello from Innsbruck, in Austria We got here… gosh, almost 3 days ago already I haven’t left the apartment much since then, to be honest And sure, there are good reasons why I haven’t I had a lot of things to catch up on Also, it’s nice to have a break from so much driving, after […]

Travel With Chatura | Arangala (Vlog 214) [EN Sub]

Travel with Chathura Its misty & drizzling pretty much all day It’s likely night or early morning However we have to discover a mountain where very few people visit First we’ll ascent the mountain We are heading towards Mathale, from Mathale town we turned to Naula From Naula , to Arangala So I’ve told you the directions Came […]

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