Dog Saved From Meat Truck Travels Across The World To Her New Family | The Dodo Adoption Day

Pearl was first discovered in China on a meat truck. She was missing her leg, and her skin was very bad. The rescuers from Slaughterhouse Survivors brought Pearl to their hospital. They were not optimistic. She recovered a lot quicker than anybody really thought. – Pearl, come here. Pearl. – Go, Pearl! After two months, Pearl was healthy […]

Surprise Eggs with DC Super Hero Girls Vinyl Mini Figures | DC Super Hero Girls

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, guys! I’m Juju and today we’re going to be opening these eggs. And they’re going to have DC Super Hero Girls surprises in them. This one’s made out of plastic. This one’s made out of clay, and this one’s made out of chocolate. Let’s get to our first egg. The first egg that we’re going […]

Transitioning from the Military to Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation Careers

Monique served in the Air Force and wanted to get a position in event management. So she did a little research to learn how to earn her bachelor’s degree in event management. She then scheduled a meeting with her Goodwill career counselor. Monique looked into her Joint Services Transcript … … which provides college credit recommendations for military […]

Lisa Rinna wears cat Halloween costume – News Live

Lisa Rinna has posted a photo to Instagram of her new Halloween look.On Thursday afternoon the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star appeared ready for her closeup as she wore a wide headband, plenty of makeup and a gold cat on her shoulder ‘Here kitty kitty,’ the mother-of-two said in her caption to her 2.1M followers. She was […]

Mean Girls: Regina George, The Psychology of a Dictator

“Evil takes a human form in Regina George.” ‘Mean Girls’ icon, Regina George, is the undisputed ruler of North Shore High. The Queen of the Plastics has all the trappings of a monarch – her name Regina is Latin for Queen, and she wears the Spring Fling Crown. “They’re teen royalty.” But in fact the tyrant Regina is […]

Kim Kardashian Got in Trouble With Kanye for Letting North Wear Makeup – US News

EXCLUSIVE! Kanye West is not ready to see daughter North West wearing makeup just yet, Kim Kardashian has revealed  While at a dinner party for the launch of her and supermodel Winnie Harlow’s KKW x WINNIE collab, held at L’Avenue at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City on Thursday, Kim explained that she got in a bit […]

Barbie Spy Squad Recreation | Spy Squad | Barbie

[MUSIC PLAYING] You’re all mine now. [GRUNTING] Ah! Ha! [GRUNTING] Yoo-hoo. Yoo-hoo. Up there! Let’s get her. Up there, Barbie. How did we lose her? There! [GASP] Come on. Chase me already. This is our moment to shine. Catch the thief, get the gem, save the world. OK. Let’s catch her. [GASP] Let’s go help Teresa. She’s scared. […]

Horror as woman wearing GoPro loses footing before plunging 50ft down waterfall – Today News

 The terrifying moment a hiker lost her footing and plunged 50ft down a waterfall was caught on her GoPro camera  Heather Friesen suffered 10 broken ribs, a collapsed lung, a fractured scapula and some deep wounds after slipping on a wet rock at the edge of a cliff in Hawaii  The 26-year-old stopped at the waterfall during a […]

Rekha – Her timeless beauty, Fashion, Achievements, movies, Songs, recreational pursuits & trivia.

one of the living legends of Bollywood Rekha is a peerless talent an epitome of grace and strength she has acted in over 180 films in a career that has spanned over 40 years throughout her long career she has often played strong female characters and apart from mainstream cinema she has also appeared in arthouse films her […]