Michio Kaku forecasts the future of space travel

During the first golden era of space exploration, we went to the moon. Then we sort of dropped the ball. For 50 years, we’ve been basically spinning wheels around the planet Earth. However, now we have the infusion of funds from Silicon Valley billionaires. We have new energies, new strategies, new plans to go back into outer space. […]

Maine Public Lands – Recreation Experiences

Maine Public Lands encompass approximately a little over 600,000 acres in the state. You have such a wide array of public land experiences. you have the western mountains and the northern region and the beautiful rugged Maine coast. The seasons are a gift and that there’s so much diversity on an already diverse landscape it just multiplies it. […]

HPD investigates local travel company scam

investigating a local travel company that allegedly took money for plane tickets but never delivered the tickets. The Better Business Bureau says it has received several complaints about Archipelago travel, some saying they lost tens of thousands of dollars to the company. KITV 4 found two addresses for the company, one a unit in a condo tower in […]

Parks and Recreation : An Ingenious Contemporary Political Satire

“You really shouldn’t have dug that out of the dumpster” “I had to. Also I had a banana on the way over here. Sorry. I get why you don’t want-” “..anyone to know about Duke silver. And you don’t have to worry. Your secret is safe-” “…with me to even it out I’m gonna tell you all of […]

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