How to Make Butcher Block End Grain Cutting Boards | Où se trouve: Larch Wood

Where to Find: Larch Wood Enterprises Welcome to Larch Wood. This is where it all starts. Not a lot of cutting board businesses start with the logs. This is larch, sometimes known as tamarack; also known juniper here in Cape Breton. What our boards are made of is the end-grain of the wood. So, what you actually see […]

I Make Maui’s Hook For Real, And It GLOWS IN THE DARK! Disney’s Moana

I’m back I want dat *music plays as he slaps life size hook on the floor* *Leave a like to stop paper abuse* *noice cutting montage you got there buddy* WeWeeeUUUU time to fit in some building blocks *slapping wood together to make them stick with glue* Kindergarten teacher would so proud Now lets just make this look […]