Character Journey: Jason – The Good Place (Digital Exclusive)

-This is Jason. -We’re off the hook! This is amazing! Babe, we are going to be trying to make love all night long. -During his life on Earth, he did a lot of questionable things. Can you really blame him? -Bortles! [ Explosion ] -His dad’s name is Donkey Doug. This is Donkey Doug. -I don’t think of […]

Mike Schur Explains How The Good Place Was Created – Paley Center Special 2019

-When I first had the idea, I thought, “Well, this is not an easy sell.” Dead people who read moral philosophy isn’t a good pitch for a network TV show, so I sort of felt like I owed it to the studio and the network to really understand what I was about to embark on. -We have to […]