Building a PC CHEAPER in CHINA?! feat. Strange Parts

Linus: Okay sorry, what is this called ? Scotty: “Huaqiangbei” *laughs* Linus: fantastic, alright so i’m here at Scotty: “Huaqiangbei” Linus: yeah perfect thank you, with Scotty From ‘Strange Parts’, so I’m “getting me some strange parts” In China Which is actually exactly what we’re doing So, in this, like, gigantic tech mall-thing They have everything from components […]

FORTNITE SHIELD POTION DIY | Cooking with Marshmello

What’s going on guys I’m Ninja and you’re watching-AHH STATIC Cooking with Marshmello. Enjoying the new season of Fortnite Mello?(yes) Well, just wait until you hear what we’ve got planned for today (WHAT?!) We’ll be making a Fortnite shield potion. Let’s get started (Yeah making a useless potion in real life) For today’s recipe we’ll need Ice cream […]

Revisiting the OLD MINECRAFT LAB.. 3 Years Later..

Right, if my calculations are correct… It should be about… Yeah! Haha! Right around here! Look, if we go north, we should get it! That’s- That’s literally The Lab! We found it! LET’S GOOO!! Over one hundred and forty five thousand likes? On the previous comeback Minecraft video? You guys are insane. And I guess… This is the […]

Part1: Blue Tornado Recreation🎢 {Planet coaster SLC}

hey guys its Zekin I decided to take a little break from main park building series in this episode I’ll be starting work on recreating the blue tornado coaster located at gardaland Italy this is a vekoma slc coaster with a regular SLC layout the only difference is did this coaster features a helix at the end overall […]

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