Roaming Gnome Holiday

Well, hello there. I’m nestled into my hotel lobby to tell you a holiday tale. Convenient of them to have a cozy armchair and a crackling fire. Perfect for the occasion. This story is called “A Roaming Gnome Holiday.” Yes, it’s about me. Ahem. Pines! (laughs) Yes, that’s a good one. SFX: loud slurping Earl Grey – delicious. […]

Recreational buses for sale | Call 516-333-7483 | 2014 Ford E450 Wheelchair Bus For Sale

Major vehicle exchange presents 2014 Ford E450 Wheelchair Shuttle bus for sale. Stock number A 5 0 5 4. This used recreational bus for sale has an accident free clean title one owner autocheck report. It can accommodate up to 15 passengers plus driver and up to 2 wheelchair positions. This bus is fully RECONDITIONED AND READY FOR […]

Colvin Recreation Center: Inspired by the love of the game

Did you know? Student participation in intramural sports reached the record highs by 1947 but there were no facilities to accommodate the demand. Student leaders wrote letters to Oklahoma State University administrators hoping for a new space to play the sports day loved. Students held frustration for the lack of accommodations for intramural programs and were determined to […]

Pre-existing Medical Conditions and Travel Insurance

Wondering about pre-existing medical conditions? Pre-existing conditions are medical conditions that exist before departure most of which have been discussed, diagnosed, or treated by a doctor. The plan and rate category you are eligible for is determined by your pre-existing conditions. How do pre-existing conditions affect your travel insurance policy? Getting travel insurance is often based on whether […]

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