Dropshot vs Carolina – What Works Best for Perch? (Challenge) | Team Galant

Hello fishermen! It’s a cold day in Autumn and we’ll see what works best during hard conditions, dropshot … or carolina rig. Don’t know how big it is but it feels heavy. Releasing this mini-pig. Hooked up with a big as well! Let’s head upstreams. It’s Autumn and quite cold in the water. Today we’ll be fishing for […]

ISTANBUL: Safe for Female Travel? Affordable for Vegetarians!

This is my hotel – Dongyang Wow! Its airconditioned Shit! I was going to remove my pant’s belt instead of bag’s Sorry! they don’t accept Indian currency I was showing my channel to them They are students volunteering for helping the tourists They volunteer for helping tourists during their summer vacations They work with Fatih municipality Now we […]

Magic Forest | Riyadh Season 2019 | King Abdullah Park | Dancing Fountain Riyadh – Glow Garden

Hello Friends, i hope everybody is having an amazing day actually they started a winter season which they name as a Riyadh Season they have alot of activities and events in this Riyadh Season i have selected one of the event which is called Magic Forest which is located in King Abdullah Park so actually they have alot […]

Marijuana Legalization: How Investors Can Profit!

Cannabis is the latest hot commodity to take markets by storm. Many public companies are benefiting from global growth in new markets for recreational and medical marijuana, as well as hemp and cannabidiol, also called CBD. If you’re wondering how to invest in marijuana stocks, here’s where to start if you want to go for the green. In […]

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