Trout in Sight

Nice fish He’s standing in front of the rock It’s hard to reach it That’s a nice fish. Stand still It’s big He got spooked by the line I guess It was just the tippet. But it didn’t run away He’s rising Keep going He’s watching it. Pull it a bit He’s coming. He’s coming Nice fish So […]

Dropshot vs Carolina – What Works Best for Perch? (Challenge) | Team Galant

Hello fishermen! It’s a cold day in Autumn and we’ll see what works best during hard conditions, dropshot … or carolina rig. Don’t know how big it is but it feels heavy. Releasing this mini-pig. Hooked up with a big as well! Let’s head upstreams. It’s Autumn and quite cold in the water. Today we’ll be fishing for […]

Exploring and Spearfishing the Bahamas – Swimming with Pigs (Part 2)

Alright, the Bahamas Part Two! Finally! I spent the last few months traveling so I wasn’t able to get this video completed when I should have. But anyway, I think when we left off I promised some diving, some deep drop dropping, and I think some aquatic farm animals were in there too. But anyways, before we get […]

Biosecurity and recreational fishing

This is Jeff. Jeff doesn’t realise he’s about to make a big biosecurity blunder! Like most of us, Jeff doesn’t realise that by tossing that diseased fish, he’s putting Australia’s biosecurity status at risk. As you can see, Jeff’s actions have flow-on effects to our environment, including our waterways and marine life. This also affects people like Ned […]

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