🔥WE DID IT! Crossing Cape York hauling 7m trailers (Frenchman’s Track, North QLD) (Part 2 of 2)

beautiful-looking fish in the last episode Jace’s trailer had to make its own track which left one of the tires slipping off the rim Chloe done a tire this bag need water – that sucks know something we go to fix oh it’s jack up a definitely got water in my quick wash rinse and dry and the […]


it came at a good time if you will, the church collapsing and all that because it was close to when mine was on his downturn it was one of those periods where you were faced with the challenge that you really wanted to take on you know and a challenge that you know saying hey this is […]

The Big Red

Look at this. Wow How about over there? Yeah, that looks good I’m gonna use this one Size 10. Extended body He’s pulled 50 meters of the backing I don’t know how big it is but it’s a kilo at least It’s very red Look at this. What a fish We need a whiskey Big or small? Small […]

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