Composition + Framing – Storytelling with Cinematography

this week we’re talking about cinematography and going through lots of examples of how different camera techniques will have different effects on the audience hello my name is simon cade and this is dsl guide so this is the first part in a series all about cinematography where we’ll be looking at using the camera and lighting to […]

ROTATION EFFECT from Billie Eilish – bury a friend

This video is brought to you by Storyblocks Video Hey guys, it’s Jordy here for and welcome to… …Copy Cat Friday. In this weekly series we recreate effects from famous films and music videos. And today we’re taking a look at 3 effects from ‘Burry a Friend’, by Billy Eilish. [Music] [Cinecom’s intro music] Hey folks, after […]

How to use a TRIPOD like a PRO with the Benro Aero 7 |

you don’t need fancy stuff like sliders or jibs to get cinematic shots, just get yourself a tripod if you’re starting out with filmmaking and you’ll see that by implementing certain techniques, like composition, lighting, etc. that you can get those awesome gorgeous shots. we’re using the new Benro Aero 7 tripod, here in this video and it […]