How to Plan a Family Reunion : Setting a Place for Your Family Reunion

Hi! I’m Peggy Carlton talking for Expert Village today on family reunions. The place needs to be something a general place where everyone comes and gathers of course. We decided that we make our place the family home place my brother had decided to build a bunk house where our family home stood so this is where we […]


And now a 101 lesson on Senpais “Everyone older than you like Sophomores and whatever whatever” Dad: “So I’m your guys’ Senpai?” “You’re our father” “Not family” Dad: “What?” “NOTICE ME SENPAI! Ok so good morning guys.” “We just woke up a while ago and it’s pouring rain” “We are in the Redwoods right now and we were […]

MASSIVE EASTER EGG HUNT 🐰 Austin Capital Lawn Easter Egg Hunt (Austin Capitol Building)

hey guys what are we doing Easter egg hunt Ryder what are we doing what’s on your shirt what do you do what’s a long horn do ya Brioni there’s a long horn hey where are we going Easter Egg guys what’s behind us what is that gosh the state capital how beautiful that thing is we are […]

Arlington Heights Park District – Gold Medal Video 2016

Playful. Playful. Peaceful. Active. Incredible. Invaluable. Beautiful. Magical! Invincible. Ask people what they do for a living and they typically tell you their title and where they work, but that doesn’t really answer the question. Ask anyone at Arlington Heights Park District the same question and you’ll hear one thing, we Impact lives! Graceful. We like that word […]

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