Recreation and Leisure Studies: Therapeutic Recreation Concentration at USM

Physical therapy helps people get up, get moving using your muscles occupational therapy helps with activities of daily living, working with the fine motor skills. Recreation therapy helps to remember a purpose, to recreate the recreation maybe in an adaptive way so we help people find their purpose. – I think usm offers a lot of different programs […]

Babson Recreation and Athletics Complex

In college, students develop lifestyle and personal habits that will follow them throughout their lives so it’s important now to set a healthy foundation that will sustain their success in the future The Babson recreation and athletic center will make great strides toward building that foundation. This much-anticipated investment will give us larger, modern and more flexible fitness […]

About Child Development.

childhood is a period have massive development the brain rewires itself childhood is a period have massive development the brain rewires itself during childhood and the body goes through extraordinary transitions this has huge effect on the emotions intelligence behavior and the way children interact with others the consequences a quite profound it would seem silly to compare […]

Is Interstellar Travel Possible? (Time Dilation & The Speed of Light)

How will humans colonize the stars beyond our own solar system? Research in space travel has only recently begun to tackle this problem. But almost 100 years ago, Albert Einstein made some revolutionary claims about the types of challenges that await those who travel at high speeds across the cosmos. Particularly with regards to the way they experienced […]

Recreation Management Program at AHC 60s

My career goals as a Recreation Management student is to become Director of Recreation and Parks in Santa Maria or any other surrounding city. My life is all about recreation and leisure and I’m pretty sure I can bring that to any other city. Leisure and recreation can be done anywhere. There’s no age limit. There’s no boundaries. […]

Free Sports and Recreation Course – Overview – Open2Study

[music] Hi my name is Jen. Welcome to Sports and Recreation. I’ll be working with you throughout the subject. We’re going to cover four key areas We’ll look at industry participation rates so how many people participate in sports and recreation and whats sorts of things they participate in. And that will lead us into looking at the […]