CSUN Clubs: NCWC (Northridge Creative Writing Circle) – Episode 4

**Music begins** the Northridge Creative Writing circle is a club where students who, of any major who creatively write can come and work on workshopping, get feedback on their writing, we have plenty of events that they can come to as well if they want to network, if they want to figure out how to submit things and […]

How Close Are We to Photographing a Black Hole?

When we look up we see moons, planets, asteroids, pulsars, star clusters, nebulae, stars as big as whole solar systems, and millions of galaxies — you know what we don’t see? Black holes. Because no one has ever seen a black hole. Black holes are deep, dark, swirling sinkholes of collapsed matter. That gravitational whirlwind that consumes everything […]

Political Correctness in Comedy: Is It Making Us Too Afraid to Be Funny? With Chris Gethard

People do actively say, like ‘political correctness is killing comedy,’ especially on college campuses. And it’s very, very interesting because I think a part of it is true. I think I’m a very notoriously positive comic. I think especially with the show I do it’s like very, very inclusive. We just did an episode called ‘The Gender Fluid […]

NASA’s New Space Reactor Is Powered by Nuclear Fission

From a technology standpoint, there’s not too many greater challenges than nuclear power in space. The physics involved in it is quite intense — it has that luster of something totally different. We start with that highly enriched core, the splitting of the atoms generates that heat that we need at the right power levels, at the right […]

✈ TRAVEL ENGLISH: Vocabulary & expressions for your flight ✈️

Hi. Welcome to engVid. I’m Adam. In today’s video, I want to talk to you about flight safety; but more specifically, I want to tell you about the things you’re going to hear from the flight attendant on the plane – before you land, before you take off, etc. You know how they stand in front of all […]

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