Design Challenge – designing and making a set

As a set designer, you will see the design from concept right through to opening night. You’re really the caretaker for that set throughout the whole process. You’re the filter, visually, for everything that happens on that stage. I don’t want people to think they need to be architects or builders or have a degree in engineering in […]

FORTNITE SHIELD POTION DIY | Cooking with Marshmello

What’s going on guys I’m Ninja and you’re watching-AHH STATIC Cooking with Marshmello. Enjoying the new season of Fortnite Mello?(yes) Well, just wait until you hear what we’ve got planned for today (WHAT?!) We’ll be making a Fortnite shield potion. Let’s get started (Yeah making a useless potion in real life) For today’s recipe we’ll need Ice cream […]

Miner-Inspired Hair & Beard Styles | Disney’s #BeThe8thMiner Contest

Heigh Ho, everyone! I am Mindy from CuteGirlsHairstyles, and I am here with Brooklyn today… Hi! Did you guys know that the new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride is open in Disney World? And it looks like a ton of fun! I really want to go ride it! I do, too! I love roller coasters anyway and this […]

Rosanna Pansino – Perfect Together (Official Music Video)

(Classical Music Plays) Ahem, hmm, hmm, hmm, hmmm! Introducing Monsieur Jake Roper, and Madame iJustine. Monsieur Captain Sparklez and Madame Cassey Ho. Monsieur Jimmy Wong and Madame Abbe Drake. And now, introducing: General Michael Don Lamond and Mademoiselle Rosanna Pansino. Whoa! (Violin Screeches) Oh, my! Did you see that? (Laughter) (Pants rip) OH! (Laughter) If you were the […]

Five(ish) Minute Dance Lesson – African Dance: Lesson 3: Dancing on the Clock

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi. My name is Rujeko Dumbutshena. I am from Zimbabwe, which is in Africa. And this is– Farai Malianga. I’m also from Zimbabwe, which is in Africa. And we have our students here that will be learning with you. Here we go. The idea here is teaching you some African dance steps. Except we’re going to […]