Bora Bora Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

With overwater bungalows, to teeming wildlife and tropical jungle, Bora Bora’s reputation for idyllic getaways has been carried on the tides to all corners of the globe. Shimmering in the South Pacific Ocean, and sheltered by a pristine lagoon and barrier reef, the French Polynesian island group is just a one hour flight from Tahiti. Bora Bora has […]

Phuket: Thailand Travel and Tour Guide

Phuket – the name is synonymous with Thailand – beach resorts and relaxation. Phuket is about the same size as Singapore, making it Thailand’s largest island. Phuket is an incredibly popular destination for tourists, and the long stretches of idyllic beaches along its West coast are lined with hotels, resorts, restaurants, and other tourist facilities. You will never […]

Dubrovnik Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Bathed by the reflections of the shimmering Adriatic, and with an old town surrounded by walls that have withstood centuries of turmoil, the Croatian city of Dubrovnik remains one of Europe’s most enduring treasures. Just as an oyster shell protects life within, Dubrovnik’s walls nurtured a flourishing maritime republic that once rivaled Venice. For centuries this city of […]

Miami Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Miami is a sub-tropical city located on the Sunshine State Florida, in between the Everglades and the North Atlantic Ocean. Flying in over Biscayne Bay you can spot the wonderful beaches that attract nearly 14 million visitors each year. Welcome to Florida’s cultural center and the diverse mix that represents Miami. The palm tree-lined city is know for […]

Ottawa Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Canada’s capital is located in a valley along the Ottawa River in the province of Ontario, close to the American border. Ottawa is the country’s fourth-largest city and attracts more than 7 million visitors each year. Come to Ottawa to celebrate its quality of life, to explore its waterways and to enjoy its many cultural attractions. This modern centre […]

Glasgow Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Just over an hour west of Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh, is the city of Glasgow. Once a small fishing village, Glasgow grew into one of the great seaports during the industrial revolution, its influence rippling to every corner of the globe. A city forged upon the wealth of seafaring trade, it is graced with architectural masterpieces, green estates, and […]

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