We Snuck a Camera into Mecca to Film Hajj: The World’s Largest Pilgrimage

SUROOSH ALVI: And this is about as quiet as it gets. Hajj is the largest annual pilgrimage in the world. It happens in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. And for Muslims, it’s a requirement that you have to do once in your lifetime. The Saudi government estimated that last year there were over 3 million pilgrims who attended, but the […]

MALAYSIA, The Reserved Side Of Asia – Travel Documentary

In the southeast of Asia the territory of Malaysia extends both over the point of the Malyan Peninsula and the island oh Borneo It occupies a privileged position between the pacific and inidan oceans and enjoys over 4500 kilometers of coast line The country has a constantly warm and humid equatorial climate Malaysia is recognized as an area […]

Learn the 20 Travel Phrases You Should Know in Spanish

Hello! My name is Rosa and this is Spanish Top Words. And today, we’ll be doing top 20 travel phrases you should know. ¿Cuánto cuesta esto? “How much is this?” You can also say… ¿Cuánto vale? ¿Hablas inglés? “Do you speak English?” In most cases, the answer to that might not be that positive. Yeah, you can try. […]

Transitioning from the Military to Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation Careers

Monique served in the Air Force and wanted to get a position in event management. So she did a little research to learn how to earn her bachelor’s degree in event management. She then scheduled a meeting with her Goodwill career counselor. Monique looked into her Joint Services Transcript … … which provides college credit recommendations for military […]

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