Why Cities Are Where They Are

This is a Wendover Productions video made possible by Squarespace. Make your next move with a beautiful website from Squarespace. The Cumberland valley is home to six towns lying between Hagerstown, Maryland and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania— Greencastle, Chambersburg, Shippensburg, Newville, Carlisle, and Mecanicsburg. What’s exceptional about these small Pennsylvania towns is that they’re each almost exactly 10 miles from […]

Theaster Gates: How to revive a neighborhood: with imagination, beauty and art

I’m a potter, which seems like a fairly humble vocation. I know a lot about pots. I’ve spent about 15 years making them. One of the things that really excites me in my artistic practice and being trained as a potter is that you very quickly learn how to make great things out of nothing; that I spent […]

Японцы и русские имена. Японские университеты. Выпуск №4. Japan Trip Show

Hello! My name is Saya! And this issue we start with a little interactivity. And the question on Valentine sent. As the Japanese are Russian names and the Russian language in general? Vladimir Putin. Anna Akhmatova. Nicolaus Copernicus. Alexander Pushkin. Ivan. It is not clear where the female, and where a man’s name. Hello girls. We love you! […]