Outside Science (inside parks): Arkansas Cave Camp – Life Underground

Hey guys it’s Weston with Outside Science: Inside Parks In this episode we get an insider’s look into Project C.A.V.E.S. A cool cave camp in Arkansas that lets high school students explore caves and learn about the importance cave ecology. Check it out: This is Buffalo National River we’re in northwest Arkansas. We’re here for Project C.A.V.E.S. it’s […]

Outside Science (inside parks): Space Walk at Craters of the Moon

Hey everyone it’s Weston with Outside Science: Inside Parks. National Parks preserve some of the most amazing landscapes in the country. In this episode, park science helps NASA learn about other amazing landscapes on other planets. Check it out. We have an incredibly multidisciplinary team out here and when I say multidisciplinary I mean that there are people […]

Pasty White Virgins

As you can probably tell from the title, today’s story is about GamerGaters. Just kidding! Thanks for the nice comments, guys! But it is about virgins. Pale ones. I have an incredibly timid confession to make. I’m really bad at tanning. My skin is pretty good at it. I’ve got that part down, but the only part that […]