New Destination For Photography & Sample photos – 4 Photographers Seascape Photography & Shipwrecks

hey guys what’s up I have some friends who are shooting the abandoned ship on the beach so they called me to join them I’ll be joining them I might not take that much shots I would just use my vlogging camera I will take few shots and we’ll see what shooting technique are they using how they’re […]

Kai Ryssdal interviews THE TICK creator Ben Edlund

I’m Ben Edlund. I’m the creator of “The Tick”. We’re in my office, house, creative space. That’s an original “Ripley’s”… “Believe it or not” thing? “Believe it or not”. There’s like baby doll heads, and skulls… Yeah, I’m obsessed with skulls… Are you? You know, there’s a lot of grotesque in what I like. As is evident, probably… […]

RuneScape Behind the Scenes #102 – Road Trip!

Behind the Scenes #102 RuneScape Road Trip Behind the Scenes couldn’t help but notice that May’s calendar is looking particularly bonus-tastic, so we grabbed Mod Moltare to see what’s occurring. Pick up your passport and catch the first flight to Gielinor, the Runescape Road Trip is on the horizon… We’re aware that May is a very busy time […]

SYRP Genie Mini and Nikon Z7 Beach Timelapse, Twig Stove Coffee & Thanks for 1000 Subscribers!

just come down to the beach this evening to try and set up a motion time lapse over sunset brew up a nice cup of coffee here on the beach and say thanks to you for supporting this channel so let’s go well hi folks I’ve come down to the beach this evening to play with a time-lapse […]

Volcom – The Making of ‘True To This’ – Episode 1: ’20 year itch’

its just an elevated high it’s great and I think just being in that moment that it’s so special and its and it’s not it’s not for a long time so you’ve got to really enjoy it when you’re in it If I don’t have that in my life, I’m I’m miserable and I need it and I […]

Exploring an Uninhabited Island | Wildlife Photography & Wild Camping | Nikon Z7 + 300mm f/2.8G VRII

right let’s see if I can get across without dropping everything in the sea right hi folks welcome to the northwest coast of Scotland and the Summer Isles not that it’s very summery today it is windy and it is raining which is sad really because I’m up here for a week and typically it was quite nice […]