Barbie Enters the Game | Barbie Video Game Hero | Barbie

Let’s play. Barbie enters the game. Hey, watch it. Bella enters the game. Oh look, a newb. Hey Chris, check out the competition. Hey. Chris enters the game. Really, Bella? She doesn’t look like competition to me. Oh, really? I can skate. Oh, she talks. That means you can say congrats on you’re win, Bella. I think you […]

AIRPORT RULES – Barbie Pretend Play Airplane Travel | #Vacation #Adventure #MyMissAnand #ToyStar

Hey you became so intelligent Traveled alone from India to America and that also by Aeroplane Let’s surprise Dora Dora… see who is here Oh wow! you came She with you didi? Dora actually we met at airport, So thought of to come together I did not faced any difficulty while travelling Airport staff helped me a lot […]

Barbie Spy Squad Recreation | Spy Squad | Barbie

[MUSIC PLAYING] You’re all mine now. [GRUNTING] Ah! Ha! [GRUNTING] Yoo-hoo. Yoo-hoo. Up there! Let’s get her. Up there, Barbie. How did we lose her? There! [GASP] Come on. Chase me already. This is our moment to shine. Catch the thief, get the gem, save the world. OK. Let’s catch her. [GASP] Let’s go help Teresa. She’s scared. […]

Barbie Dreamtopia Unicorn Barn Scene Recreation | Dreamtopia | Barbie

[MUSIC PLAYING] Dreamtopia! It’s just a sprinkle, sparkle hop! Dreamtopia! It’s just a dream away with a cherry on top! Well, hello, Chelsea, Sugar Spun Barbie, Honey! Hi, Sheriff Seed! Can you help me solve the mystery? Of course! We’d love to! This is our home, or it was until someone started nibbling it. Teeth marks! What do […]