Tuscany, Italy: Staying at an Agriturismo – Rick Steves’ Europe Travel Guide – Travel Bite

Tuscan wines are some of the tastiest and most famous in Italy. Wines are particular to their village. The characteristics of the soil, temperature, and exposure to sun make each wine — even if made from the same Sangiovese grape — unique. To connect with the rural charm that’s so much a part of our image of Tuscany, […]

Happy Days Telugu Full Movie | Varun Sandesh, Tamannah, Nikhil | Sri Balaji Video

Every day, every minute is very important. Think how much value has been added to our life with the work we do. What we want to do in life, how we are planning to do it, one must have clarity, a goal and a plan. Get up! Life…clarity…what do l know about it? What are you asking me, […]

Recreational Marijuana and CBD: Lessons learned from supplements

ROBERT BLENDON: Public health has a lot of very legitimate concerns about dietary supplements. But in my world of politics, they lost that battle. You are not taking dietary supplements off those counters. And so I’m afraid with CBD if you don’t have at least the footwork on safety, you could be in a situation where we can’t […]

Tsongmo/Changu Lake Travel Vlog | Traditional Sikkim Dress | Yak Ride | Sikkim Travel Story Ep #4 |

Changu Lake The incredibly beautiful and famous travel destination in Sikkim In this travel episode we are going to explore Changu Lake and also we will go to the upper portion of the hill by cable car to see the clear view of Changu Lake Lets Go Good Morning Guys Welcome back to my Channel I am Ashiqur […]

Ethos English Grade 5 Unit 6 Sport & recreation 1 Playing tennis

Synthia and Ling are coming to play tennis at the tennis court. They have been playing in the summer vacation. They started playing tennis when they were in high school. They are all in the varsity team. Ling can hit a backhand One-handed backhands are more effective for attacks. She can generate more power by using one hand […]

MASSIVE EASTER EGG HUNT 🐰 Austin Capital Lawn Easter Egg Hunt (Austin Capitol Building)

hey guys what are we doing Easter egg hunt Ryder what are we doing what’s on your shirt what do you do what’s a long horn do ya Brioni there’s a long horn hey where are we going Easter Egg guys what’s behind us what is that gosh the state capital how beautiful that thing is we are […]

Recreation Classes At Play School Awareness Programme

In the mechanical life kids are becoming more accustomed with it Parents are reducing their time for children Working women or housewives are unable to give their children time due to work pressure Mothers are losing contact with boys and girls at home Interaction classes are organised in the play school to increase communication with children Classes here […]

How to travel in style according to celebrity stylist Micaela Erlanger

I’m Micaela Erlanger, and I’m a celebrity stylist. Today, I’m getting ready with ALDO shoes. I absolutely love to travel! I fly at least 3 times a month and I have tons of tips and tricks when it comes to packing. Comfort is key when it comes to travelling, but I never sacrifice style. My go-to travel uniform […]

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