CASA Safety Video – Travelling safely with lithium batteries

NARRATOR: Batteries are everywhere. They’re a part of everyday life. However, the energy stored inside batteries can make them dangerous. Don’t endanger yourself and fellow passengers by packing batteries incorrectly. -Good morning, sir. How are you? -I’m well, thanks. -How are you doing? -Good. -Where are you off to today? -Heading to Melbourne today. -Do you have anything […]

How do airlines price tickets? | CNBC Explains

Buying plane tickets can be exhausting. Many of us spend hours on the internet researching flight deals, trying to figure out an airfare pricing system that seems random. Fees appear to fluctuate without reason, and longer flights aren’t always more expensive than shorter ones. But behind this is actually the science of dynamic pricing, which has less to […]

Travel Tips: Automated Screening Lanes

Automated screening lanes are a state-of-the-art technology that enhances security while shortening the amount of time it takes to screen passengers. These lanes are deployed at larger airports and come in a number of styles and types. Here’s how it works. First, find an empty station. You can go to any station that is available ASL’s have up […]


So you’re going to Dublin, are you? Well that’s just grand. You’re in luck. You found the right place. We’re Marko and Alex. You’re watching Vagabrothers, and these are our top ten tips to doing Dublin like a local. I don’t know why I just did that. That’s so lame. Hey. Number 1: the Guinness Storehouse. Now, we […]

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