Longest Travel Day WE’VE EVER HAD 😳 Long Haul Flight from Melbourne to LAS VEGAS!

Good morning adventurers Good morning! We got out and Took a train over to the train station, the main train station here in Melbourne, and we just dropped off our bags Little slenders Yeah, we’re gonna leave them here for a while because we have some time to kill in the city before we up our flight Series […]

A Man Flew More Than 1,000 Times in a Very Strange Way

Do you like planes? These steel birds often evoke conflicting emotions: they mesmerize some people and terrify others. But also, there are those who can’t live without the thrill of take-off and the excitement of landing. And among them was a man who bought airplane tickets, not to get to some destination, but just for the sake of […]

13 Secrets About Air Travel All Passengers Should Know

13 Secrets About Air Travel All Passengers Should Know Like most things in life, travel requires experience. With each trip you embark on, you will start to get more comfortable and familiar with the means of travel, and it all begins from your planning, until the time you board your plane at the airport, where your journey all […]

50 Airport & Airplane TRAVEL HACKS | Your BEST FLIGHT EVER 2019

– I’ve never actually been asked to show proof of this. So, give it a go. (upbeat music) Hi, my name’s Megan and in today’s video I’m going to be sharing 50 airport and airplane hacks so your next flight can be your best flight. Mm, yeah that sounded better in my head. If you’re new here don’t […]