SyFy’s Deadly Class Season 1 Episode 2 Breakdown

hey everybody it’s Chris I’m back with my look at the second episode of the sci-fi original deathly class let’s just get into it if this is your first time here I take TV shows and movies based on books and compare and contrast them to the source material oh and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss any of my future videos and click that notification icon to join the notification squad editor and be the first to know when something new drops so just a quick warning here since I do take the TV show and the source material and contrast them there is a chance that I might convey some information that is spoilery in its nature if that is a problem for you go ahead and turn this off and you could always come back and watch these videos after the season is done ok with that out of the way I think it’s time to just jump in and get this thing going first up we have guilt over Rory this was all new for the show and I think it was a great addition they established early on that Marcus isn’t really the cold-blooded killer that everyone thinks he is after he kills Rory they don’t really show him dealing with the repercussions at all in the comics we have one panel where he talks about it while he is in solitary confinement I get the reason for it basically trying to show that he has accepted his fate and moved on but it’s less than satisfying and there is no real resolution with that being said I like this much better as it is in the show it echoes very nicely with what master Lin said in the pilot when he was telling Marcus about the effects that killing the people responsible for his families that’s had on him as a person so allowing that kind of bookend was beautiful ending the episode as well at Rory’s funeral was pretty genius the talk with master Lynn was incredible and gave us a deeper understanding of the world and how everyone operates within it so and job there next up we have the price of failure this is another change from the comic as well in the source material we don’t really hear or see anything about the other students when it comes to this first assignment since we only really follow Marcus’s story at this point in the comic he is considered a failure by master lin but not because he didn’t kill anyone but because he killed the wrong person as i mentioned in my previous review in the comic his punishment for failure was to spend some time in solitary confinement I am torn on whether I like this new version of the punishment and why he’s being punished more than the original storyline in one sense I like the idea that he pushed himself to the point of crossing that line only to be torn down later but the way they handled it in the show was really well-written and allowed us to learn more about the characters I also dig the idea of solving a riddle to save your life it adds another layer of mystery and intrigue to the school and by extension adds it to the show next up we’re gonna look at the party so this was an interesting change from the original and the comic Marcus and Shabnam are already roommates marcus is invited to a party at Lex’s house and when shab asked to come is shut down the party more or less follows the comic closely with the obvious exception of all the Shabnam parts the party is also happening way earlier in the storyline than what we see in the comic in the comic it happens in the second volume after a ton of stuff happens I’m very curious though about what other bits they are going to move around a forward and backward in the timeline of the story in the show compared to the comic if they’re already like front-loading some of these moments in the second episode next up we’ve got big man Willie beard things say this whole storyline of Willie claiming credit and telling everyone who could listen about Rory was completely new for the show since as we have already covered in the comic everyone knows that he didn’t kill him it was Marcus I mean I get why he’s doing it since we find out during the party the circumstances around his father’s death it just seems odd from his character in the comic speaking of his father’s death that was straight-up different in the comic Willy froze and couldn’t help his father rich which results in the rival gang members killing him they were about to kill Willy as well but his uncle showed up and killed them before they could kill Willy it was his uncle that decided to tell everyone that Willy had killed them as an act of revenge for killing his father I like the comic book version better but I like how they connected him accidentally killing his father to his pacifism and present-day so I’m not gonna complain okay so next up we have Maria and Chico new bit for the show so this was a new bit for the show and it was really really great in the comic they allude to Chico actually being a killer at this point in the story but there isn’t any evidence we are provided to verify that fact giving us this moment where you see him for what he truly is and see the reality of his relationship with Maria was impactful it also makes Maria more of a likable sympathetic character in the comic you don’t really care about her that much at least at this point which is a shame since as we see she can be an interesting important character seeing this side of Chico makes what’s coming if they stick to the comic all the more powerful and shocking okay last stop we’re gonna look at SIA and master Lin so while technically this plotline is in the comic it isn’t SIA who is informing master Lin about Marcus it’s Shabnam I don’t know how I feel about this change to the story says it will greatly affect a number of things down the road in both house SIA and Marcus’s relationship develops as well as how the arc of the entire story moves for instance SIA does learn the truth behind what happened at the home but much later in the story and with some added details that we don’t have in the show yet what is even more interesting is the storyline of Master Lin and his interest in Marcus this isn’t in the comics anywhere although I can probably make a guess as to what this is connected to in the comics unfortunately I can’t talk about it since it will ruin what I assume will be a major moment in the series that happens at the end of the freshman year which could be the season finale depending on how they flood out the show so suffice it to say it is pretty insane and if they do connect those two things it will make sense why master LAN is so interested in Marcus okay that is it for this one great episode I mean this one wasn’t quite as a shot by shot frame-by-frame recreation of the comic but it still captured everything about the comics it’s really great so it’s very encouraging to see that the writers are working that hard to really capture the essence of the comic and give it to us on the small screen as it were so yeah if you have any questions about the universe of deadly class or anything that we’ve talked about in these videos you can put them in the comments and I will answer them as soon as I can the next video that will hit this channel will be magicians a season 4 episode 1 review to look forward to that and I will see you guys again soon bye

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