Sustainable Travel Accessories | Eco-Friendly & Ethical Holiday Gift Ideas

25 thoughts on “Sustainable Travel Accessories | Eco-Friendly & Ethical Holiday Gift Ideas”

  • I love Patagonia Responsibili-Tee shirts! They are a tad expensive but they're for a good purpose, quality materials for using recyclables, and a good fit for me 🙂

    Edit: Sorry I just realised this is an accessory-focused video 😂.

  • Personally, I think the Final Straw is not a good one. I had the original and then the 2.0.

    I'd recommend an all-stainless steel collapsible one (you can find a fair amount of them on Amazon). Final Straw's silicone inner tube picks up flavors and off-scents, in spite of rinsing after every use. Using their recommended process of deep cleaning using vinegar is simple, but waiting for it to dry and then rinse, repeat, is not worth the time.

    Also, the silicon tube can stick to itself when you've folded up the straw. The folding nature takes up a bigger footprint than just a collapsible one. The one I now use has a case that's just slightly bigger than the collapsing straw, so it's about 1/3 the size of the Final Straw.

    Seriously, use an all-stainless steel collapsible one. It's WAY better.

  • I don't agree with all being Eco-friendly but some really good recommendations in there. Some gems I wasn't even aware of like Bees Wrap and folding chopsticks, Thank you.

  • Hype to see the United By Blue shout out. Those tote bags are legit. Would love to see you guys review more of their products.
    They’re also a coffee shop in Philly, too.

  • One of my favorite’s is a collapsible mug like the ones from Sea to Summit and others. It backs down to nothing and is easy for coffee/tea on the go while not having to use a single use cup.

  • thank you so much for this video! As a sustainable living travel enthusiast I knew almost all of these products but I think it is great to spread the word and let as many people as possible know! Because we are protecting the planet and when traveling I think all of us want to see some beauty and not just mountains of trash and dead eco systems! keep on the good work, I really like your videos and learn a lot about smart minimalistic traveling!

  • Hey Packhacker team i highly recommend checking out the 'vaude wizard 30+4' backpack. Do a review on this one i swear you will like what you see.

  • I don't recommend Dr. Bronners for your hair. I used it at my trip to wash my hair and it was so bad. My hair felt like metal wires after that. Terrible!

  • stopping to travel greatly outweighs all the "eco"-ness of these items. 7:08 are you serious? "super sustainable, eco-friendly TRAVELLER friend"

  • Thanks for all your great gear reviews!
    What is the backpack that the Eagle Creek Packing cubes are going into at time code 3:44?

  • 8:00 Trendy but how do you clean inside of that flask??
    Plus, I am wary of blindly vouching for such products as words like eco, sustainable and recycled are sometimes just used as a marketing tool.
    A product might say its made from recycled BUT how much of it is actually recycled or, more importantly, how much embodied-energy is used to make it?
    Some products may be better created as new, with sustainable materials, as it uses less energy (embodied-energy) as a whole to make it than making it with recycled materials. Just saying…

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