Sunrise on Doi Pha Hom Pok – Thailand’s 2nd Highest Mountain

Sunrise on Doi Pha Hom Pok – Thailand’s 2nd Highest Mountain

Good morning! We’re on top of Thailand’s 2nd-highest mountain which is called Doi Pha Hom Pok 2nd only after Doi Inthanon, which is further to the west And what time is it now? 06:49am We got up at 3 o’clock this morning Start to come up at 5 Yeah it took us 2 hours. First trek of the season completely disorganised and the car nowhere near where the tent was So it took us 2 hours to get going and then about an hour and a half to come up That was actually Thailand’s highest campsite, we were at last night Just a few people down there because it’s a Friday So we’ve missed the big crowds, although there are quite a few people here So we’re way up in the north of Thailand near the Myanmar border The road up that you can see in white from near the hot springs at Fang takes you up to 1900m which is the campsite at Kiew Lom and then it’s a walk up from there to the summit. That’s where we’ve walked from, down there and there is actually a cloud inversion down there but we’re way above it so you can’t really see it. But it is there That’ll burn off probably, in an hour or so And then I assume most of these people were at the same campsite as us last night but they all left earlier We just got here in time for the sunrise Walking in the dark. It was about… What was it, about 6 degrees this morning? So not too cold I thought there’d be some sort of little shrine or something up here but there’s nothing, is there Only the sign The signpost. We’ll have a look at that then. Now we’re on the summit of Doi Pha Hom Pok
2285m above sea level What does that say now? About 13 now That’s the view to the north We’re going to have a bit of a walk that way in a minute instead of going straight back down Way over there you can see the cloud inversion, just. What species is that then? I don’t know. No idea. Got the obligatory Thai flag at the summit. Wouldn’t be a summit without one. One, Two… It’s nice and quiet now, isn’t it? Suddenly quiet We’re going to head down in a minute and try and explore a loop up to the north a bit and then off down a ridge over there rather than just go back the same way. So we’ll see how that goes I guess that answers our questions about whether we could go north. It’s far too overgrown really So we’re just actually going back to the summit It’s very brambly so we keep getting caught up And we’ve got a big drop-off down there. Big drop-off to the side, to the west. I know, it’s kind of clouding over It’s gone a bit strange What’s that doing then? Shoot that cloud You’ve spent the whole morning dropping things My hands are **** freezing You can’t say that language on family-friendly videos Very cold. Hands are frozen. Today I dropped the camera, lens, gloves, pole. Everything dropped. So having failed to find an alternative route down we decided to return the same way and that’s actually an official nature trail laid by the National Park with lots of information en route about the plants and trees that you can see Ooh, cherry blossom Cherry blossom? Hardly. Only the very beginning of it. Now we are at number 8. The last sign before the summit. This point is called Chom Phu Pim Jai (Luculia gratissima). It is the name of a bush. We have looked but can’t find it. The signpost says… it’s a cold-weather plant from the Himalayas, Nepal and Bhutan. Very rare in Thailand. We have looked but can’t find it. It will bloom around December to February. Chom Phu Pim Jai (Luculia gratissima) is a rare flower. At first I thought it was this tree because it has pink flowers but sign says the shrub is only 15-20 cm high. So it’s not this Not this one Not that one? (laughter) I think it’s that one but it’s not. Go on. Fall flat on your face for the camera please. Woah. This bit looks dodgy. Slippy. Looks like kanun. Like a jackfruit. It’s like fluorescent It looks highly toxic to me. Maybe We’ll look it up when we get home. What’s that? Olives? Olive I’m not sure. We’re in the jungle. For sure Right, keep going It’s better in daylight than the dark hey? We do a left in a minute. An experimental left. What are you videoing? Mushroom Try eating one No. Poison! So there’s 8 of these signposts on the way up marking the way We’re on the way down now and we’ve got back to number 6 which is telling us about the evergreen forest. 1500m up have forest like this High-altitude forest Big trees like this and get moss Moss, lichen, orchid, ferns. Something like this. Moss and lichen Yes Sounds about right It looks like the coffee plants that we saw on Doi Langka Luang Yeah, but maybe not What else is it then? We will find out at home And now we’ve got to the viewpoint which is the 5th signpost on the way up and it’s telling us that over to the west… is actually Burma, or Myanmar and I’m not sure which of those 2 ridges it actually starts but it’s not so far away I don’t even know which end the head is. I think it’s this end. Mon Wat Jai. Doi Pha Hom Pok summit 3000m. We’re just getting back to the camp now. It’s about 11:30 so… We took our time coming down. What time did we start? 5:00 So 6.5 hours in all but you could do it in 4 easily Going up and coming back the same way is fine really because you can’t see anything going up cuz it’s dark so it’s like doing a loop anyway. It works well for a sunrise on the summit. It would also work pretty well for a sunset and then walk down in the dark which would be pretty safe cuz you’ve already done it once. Just getting back to the tent now. These are all the tents that you can hire from the National Park and this probably gets absolutely rammed on a bank holiday (national holiday) but it’s not too bad now. Highest campsite in Thailand Doesn’t feel like it somehow. Been recording this on Wikiloc so I’ll upload the route on there with a few pictures so that you can follow it if you want to do the same walk and I’ll also put it on a website called Gpsies G-P-S-I-E-S dot com Wikiloc & Gpsies. I’ll put a link in the description of the video Had a grill last night No problem with that. And looks like we’ve got one sweet potato left for our lunch What’s for lunch nong Namtarn? It’s breakfast We have bacon and eggs and sausage Look at that! Everything tastes better when it’s done on a camp stove, right? Yes Mmm, yum yum So we’ll see you next time Hopefully one of the top 10 but… They’re difficult, some of them so we’ll see. Thanks for watching. Bye

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    I will be visiting Chian Mai for at least 3 days starting from 20th January.

    I would like to do a day hike at Doi Pha Hom Pok on the 21st January 2019. It will be a solo hike so would appreciate if there is a guide to accompany me as well. Let me know if you could arrange one for me on the said date.

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