Sunflowers Tutorial | Vincent Van Gogh Starry Night | Beginner Acrylic Painting

62 thoughts on “Sunflowers Tutorial | Vincent Van Gogh Starry Night | Beginner Acrylic Painting”

  • Hi! (5:04) When you say short bristles starting the stroke and long bristles finishing, are you referring to the angle brush or the bending of a flat brush as you paint? Thank you for everything you do for us. A new fan, Allie

  • Autumn RainWoman says:

    I was given several pieces of roofing slate and my friend suggested painting on them. Is there anything you can tell me about your experiences with alternative surfaces? Do you think acrylic paint would be a good choice for slate?

  • Ganapathy Prabhu says:

    Van Gogh paintings multi-sensory experience Abu Dhabi national Theatre – Starting from 14th Jan 2018 Dubai Design District – Starting from 11 MAR 2018.

  • I absolutely love this! Want to do a paint night party with a few of my girlfriends, but they always involve alcohol and are usually in a bar (not really our scene- we drink occasionally, but we like the nice quietness of venues not centered around it). They are also usually pricey, so this creates a wonderful win-win! Your personality is awesome and fun and I can't wait to get my girlfriends over to do this! Bless you!!

  • When life gives you lemons make lemonade, because of financial reasons I have poor quality paints and brushes, so I changed the art a bit and my friends and family liked how it turned out

  • Ms. Sally Ann says:

    I love these videos. I’ve been painting my whole life, taught by my mom. I just love how encouraging you are and how you remind everyone to let go of their insecurities and pre conceived ideas about what their artistic experiences should be.

  • The Painting Stoof says:

    what a beautiful painting! 😀 great inspiration from van gogh. I made a sunflower painting last week on my channel 😀

  • I love to watch you paint, I can't wait to get back into painting again, I had to take a year off because I broke my back and it looks like I am finally getting my surgery to fix my back this week, and I will be able to it up and start painting again soon. It will be part of my therapy to get me upright again.

  • Embrace ur- Weird says:

    I just absolutely love you! my husbands name is also jon and we joke that im gonna make how to paint videos for fun when im older. By then, im sure you'll be famous. You are amazing!

  • Hi Cinnamon! This painting has been such a relaxing experience for me. I'm fairly new to painting, but your video's have taught me so much! You've been like a mentor to me and have opened a door to a new creative experience. I never thought that I'd be good at something like painting. I always thought that it was too much of a commitment. But you've really shown me that painting can be easy, relaxing, and fun. This is my sencond Van Gogh Stylized painting I've done with you. The other one was of the whimsical tree that I painted at the park, on my 28th Birthday which was on July 29th. It just really made the day so great, you know? Anyways, I love painting with you. You're a fun person with a great spirit and look forward to painting with you more!


  • Every video…. Every single dang video I think I like you as much as I can (you're a top top fav up there with bergsma and ross) and something happens that makes me love you even more! 💚💚💚

  • Charlotte Pierce says:

    thank you so much I just painted this and it is my very first ever painting and its awesome i would love to send you a picture and ask some questions

  • I just wanna thank you for your wonderful instruction, very easy to follow, clear step-by-step guidance. I just finished this painting and dont know how to show you 😀

  • grammarchick1979 says:

    I really like this one but I'm baffled at how so little paint goes so far for so much blue. Even adding water, it took four large blobs to get everything covered and no white bits showing through – and my canvas is not as big
    . I don't know if anyone is still checking comments on these older videos but I could use some input. thanks!

  • this is my first video i’m watching of you
    1) I love you! you’re so funny and kind! very optimistic!
    2) I’m watching football and painting

  • Christine Levesque says:

    Hi! I know you probably won’t read this cause it’s an older video, but I just had to say it… thank you ☺️ I’m very glad I found your Chanel! I started watching at the oldest video and decided to do your video inspired by Van Gogh. Reason? I like realism… I want to do realism… but I basically have no knowledge, and never understood his “ Starry Night “. But the way you explained it??. It made so much sense!! So I tried it… took me like 4 days to finish it to my taste🥵 but it’s on the wall. So ya! Thanks! Tonight, I’m starting the impressionist water vase… lol in for a penny, in for a pound! I’m determined to learn!! There are no mistakes, just happy accidents… right?

  • I had an art teacher in elementary school…she was the absolute worst teacher I ever had. For years I felt like I shouldn't bother being creative.
    After seeing your videos I am so much more confident in my painting. My 4 year old even enjoys creating with me.
    I wish I had you as an art teacher. I wouldnt have wasted so many years thinking I had no abilities. You are so full of good vibes and energy. Keep up the amazing work!!!

  • I am about to rock a number 4 cats tongue on this one.
    I have been with you for a loooong time and am in a place mentally that your older paintings are hitting me in a quiet place that I need to be.
    Just letting you know that sometimes the oldies are goodies and they are needed when the lives can be too busy.
    When depression hits…
    I find the older ones help center the mind. Thank you for all that you do Cinnamon. Please keep it up. People like myself have been and will be there.❤️

  • Madame Metzger says:

    My French Club and I did this with you! It was wonderful and we really enjoyed it! Thank you so much for making this video and sharing your painting with us!!

  • Cinnamon, you have inspired me beyond belief. I suffer from alcoholism. I have over 9 months clean and I fell into a "great depression" and feared drinking. I found your tutorials about a month ago. Every time I paint, the insanity in my mind just STOPS. I have learned to love my art work. My husband and children are thankful for you, as am i. And they understand that time has to be set aside for me to paint and can tell when I am not gwtting enough time. Yu are such an inspiration. Just thank yu for the purest intentions of the soul. ❤

  • Morgan surette says:

    all i own is oil paint and ive been trying to find a tutorial for oil painting. if I use different techniques, would I be able to use the same tutorial or would i have to use a tutorial specifically targeted at oil painting?

  • Molly St. Denis says:

    Just had the best paint nite at home thanks to you. My fiance and I are both therapists and we loved the idea of using painting to treat perfectionism!

  • Thanks cinnamon,for sharing your owl,I followed along with you ,and painted my first owl,thanks again your awesome

  • Catherine Crossland says:

    howdy doody…….just doing this magnificent painting and wanted to get your opinion……….how can i send it to you. thank you precious lady

  • Crystart Snow says:

    I just love this video so much ! She teaches you some tips on painting and those vibrant colours are just amazing! ❤️ ❤️

  • June 2019, My husband and I watched this video lesson.
    We loved it.
    Such a charming warm lesson video.
    You’re #1.
    As a beginner, I have a question.
    Why did you not use the color Burnt Umber for the center of the 🌻 sunflowers?

  • Margaret Gonzalez says:

    wise beyond your years cinnamon…..great advice and guidance from beginning to end…….thank you… this piece of art!

  • Hi! I love your style and painting! You are phenomenal and I love watching your videos! Art on! 😁😁😁 Do you have any nerd theme (such as van Gogh mixed with Mario, Star Wars, Harry Potter, etc…) If not, I'd love to watch that from you!!!!

  • LadyScarface Angel says:

    Hey Cinnamon! Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!
    I’m trying out your Mom’s pumpkin & sunflower painting. She used yellow oxide & I don’t have it. Wondering if I could get away with using yellow ochre instead of oxide for that painting?

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