4 thoughts on “State acquires nearly 3,000 acres in Central Oahu for wildlife, recreation”

  • Aidan Tsukiyama says:

    How many Kanaka Maoli have died in the last 100 years still waiting on the Hawaiian homeland List? Where is the land for us? This is stupid already. People stey dying everyday waiting for their land and the US government don't give us the land that even they say is ours yet the can use all this acres for other stuff. That 3000 acres, that could be 3000 homes for us. This government is a shame. The Hau'oli government also put a bs blood quantum on us that NO Kanaka Maoli ever wanted in the first place. Racist and greedy. It's a legalized genocide made to kill off all the Hawaiians. We wait on the list and die waiting, and all the while the blood quantum makes it impossible for so many people of Hawaiian decent to even get on the list. In three generations from now there won't even be 25% hawaiian. That's Their plan. Wait it out, keep us going through bs legal problems until no more people can get on the list. Then they take all the land. This is genocide.

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