Sport & Recreation Management at the University of Minnesota Crookston – Jeremy Neuman

My name is Jeremy Neuman, I’m from Andover, Minnesota. My major is Sport and Rec. Management with a minor in coaching and just finished up my second year here. I chose to attend UMC because actually my older brother Justin went here. He played on the golf team couple years ago, but ever since I set foot on the campus, I just felt like it was the true home. Just because the smaller class sizes it’s another reason why I chose Crookston was just because it’s such as close-knit family between teachers and students and teachers are really hands-on and can really invest their time and taking care of you. I chose Sport and Rec. Management just because I’ve always had a passion for football, passion for coaching and kind of helping younger kids. Probably my favorite class was topics in coaching with the Assistant Basketball Coach Bryan Beamish. I’ve never thought about before as a player or just a student but all those intricate details of becoming a coach of becoming a practice plan, how to motivate players. I play quarterback for the football team. Being a student-athlete is difficult just because you have to balance between school work and sport. But our coaches really care about academics and I mean if you’re not eligible you can’t play. I think that’s really helped me to stay eligible, but just to succeed in the classroom and try to get the best GPA I can. This summer I internshipped at the Chamber of Commerce in Crookston and really just kind of opened my eyes of the importance of small business in a small town I answer the phones, take care of kind of the reception part of here If I didn’t do this internship, I probably wouldn’t have met every basically small business owner here in Crookston The experience of being at UMC really shows me how to have a close-knit group of just a city can blend together. Meeting new people and getting to know people’s story really stands out to me.

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