Spencer Day Debuts Stunning Video For Poignant Cover Of ABBA’s Classic Track, ‘Fernando’  – News Tod

Spencer Day Debuts Stunning Video For Poignant Cover Of ABBA’s Classic Track, ‘Fernando’ – News Tod

Singer-songwriter Spencer Day just put a brand new spin on ABBA’s ‘Fernando’ & HollywoodLife has the EXCLUSIVE premiere of the stunning video    Billboard chart-topping jazz/pop singer Spencer Day, 40, has a new music video that will make ABBA fans jump for joy! It takes a special kind of talent to be able to perform the wide array of genres that Spencer has dabbled in, including jazz, musical theater, cabaret, soul, folk, traditional and contemporary pop, but with his latest, the crooner further impresses with his bilingual singing skills In a creative new interpretation of the ABBA classic “Fernando,” he delivers a moving recreation of the beloved track The musician, born in Utah and raised in rural Arizona, brings his enormous vocal reach to the classic track, with an accompanying black and white visual that will shake you to the core Spencer told us all about clip, which we’re EXCLUSIVELY premiering, here.    “Well, of course, I’ve always loved the melody,” he said when asked why he chose to cover the track “But lately, singing it in Spanish is a call for unity. It’s one way of saying this culture matters, it’s beautiful and it’s also an integral part of the history of the United States,” he adds For Spencer, the meaning goes even deeper than that. “The song now has multiple layers of meaning for me On one level it’s a love song that reminds me of first unrequited crush when I was teenager on a two week exchange program with a school in Mexico And it crossed my mind again because, for the past few years I have been bicoastal between New York City and San Diego Living right at the border, I become involved with Border Angels, a nonprofit that helps migrants and deportees stranded at the border,” he told us It was after talking with a deportee that felt “lost” between two worlds that the song re-entered his mind “So much to lose, but we still try to remain brave and have no regrets. I actually think the lyrics might be more poignant in Spanish,” he told HollywoodLife  The singer went on to say that his admiration for ABBA has deep roots. “I am out of the closet now with my love of ABBA, call them cheesy or what have you, but they can write a hell of a melody I have loved them ever since I was a kid and now I’m out and proud about it.” And, fans can even expect more new music from the singer soon “I am just about to record a few videos with the viral sensation Postmodern Jukebox and I’m looking forward to that,” Spencer shared  In the same week he debuts his new video, Spencer embarks on a slew of live shows Fans can catch him at Blues Alley in Washington, DC (March 20), The Green Room 42 in New York (March 22), Rockwell Table & Stage (April 7), New Mexico Jazz Workshop (May 26), and Jazz Alley in Seattle (June 4-5)

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