Solo Traveling + Changing My Life 🌏

Solo Traveling + Changing My Life 🌏

Hey guys! You might have heard that I am going
to travel for six weeks. I am going to go to Bali for three weeks solo, and then afterwards I’m heading to China
with my best friend. We have a wedding that we’re going to there
so that will be pretty fun. But I guess I wanted to talk more about my travel plans, why I’m going, what I’m going to do when I’m there. If you have been following any since last year, you might’ve remembered that my 2019 theme
was “Explore and experience,” and the reason I moved back home was
so I could travel more this year. And I did travel a little bit: I went to Australia, I went to just a bunch of smaller trips, but this is the big trip that I have planned for the year. I’ve been wanting to live abroad and
work abroad for longer, and I just had a certain things that I wanted to do
before I went abroad. You know, this year I wanted to launch
the Pastel Notebooks, I wanted to launch the Dream Life course, and I felt like I was working on that kind of stuff a lot of the first half of the year. And I also had to finish the 2020 Workbook
earlier this year, make sure we have everything set,
do the photo shoot early. That way, I can leave and travel and not have to worry about just doing logistical stuff. But if it were up to me, I would travel
for longer, for months. I don’t know if I’m ready for it but there’s a reason we have to end it in six weeks, because I have a work trip I have to be back in the US for, end of October, and that’s just how
the dates worked out. But anyway, let’s talk about “the call”. Everybody has callings. You might have felt it before or you might’ve ignored it. I feel like when you get the call you
might ignore it a little bit. But I’ve had this calling to work abroad
and travel abroad, and I’ve seen a few friends do it and I know that it’s something that I’ve wanted to do. My dream life includes traveling around the world
and working out of places. And this year I’ve been very home-based and I feel like I just can’t – I don’t know. I’ve been in one place for too long and I need to move my base, because as an introvert, someone who works from home, I literally do not leave the house. And that’s fine because I do enjoy it, I do love it. But I figured if I’m not going to leave the house I might as well force myself to go to another place
and not leave the house there. But at the very least, I’ll get to explore
a little bit in that area. I also want to talk about synchronicities: signs from the universe, coincidences that tell you
that you’re on the right path. So I’ve had synchronicities a lot in my life. Most of the time it comes in repeating numbers,
and I’ve talked about that before. But once I decided to go on this Bali trip,
oh my goodness. So many people I knew either went to Bali
or were planning to go to Bali. I know at least around 10 people that either went,
had plans, or whatever. For example, when I went to Australia earlier
this year for a mini test run, I met up with Jasmine Lipska and Kimberley Wenya Loo, who are not friends – they don’t know each other. But both of them, after I met up with them, they told me, “Oh, I plan to travel the world
and work abroad for a few months.” I think Kimberly’s plan was to leave for nine
months, and then Jasmine’s plan was traveling indefinitely. I mean it’s been five months and now
she’s back in Australia, but it was just a weird coincidence that both of them had those plans and they did it at the same time and I heard about it. I took that as a coincidence like,
“Okay, yeah, this is my travel year.” And then the Bali thing. Closer I got to my trip, I saw more and more
friends post on Instagram that they’re there or they’re planning to go. And then I got this mail from a brand. This is a floss brand, Cocofloss,
and it was just a normal PR package. And I opened it up and it is a Bali-themed
brochure about floss and things to do in Bali – It’s very random. I mean, I think it’s because the floss is flavored. I think it’s coconut flavor, island flavors, and they did a photo shoot in Bali. I just thought that was so strange because, literally out of all of the things,
all the themes in the world, all the topics in the world,
why did I get a mailer about Bali? I kept this just to show you guys that sometimes
synchronicity is really funny, and to some people, you might be like, “Okay, it’s a random coincidence. It doesn’t connect.” But I truly don’t believe in coincidences. I believe coincidences are signs from the
universe telling you something. The chances of these coincidences happening
is like one in a trillion or something, so the fact that it happens means something. The third reason I’m happy that I chose Bali to go to is: I found out something called astrogeography, and this is something that Kimberley Wenya
told me about. Basically – Hi Coco. Coco’s here. Sit. Okay, you can chill here with me. Okay, you can lay down. Lay down, lay down! Lay down, hang out here. Basically, astrogeography is your birth chart correlated with the geography of the world. And I don’t fully understand it, but I’ll link below a website where you can map out
the geography of your birth chart But there are basically hot spots on
the map of the world, hotspots where if you were to go there,
there’s more energy and there’s more opportunity for you
or something like that. Kimberley told me that when she was in Europe, she felt like she had to push herself really hard, and she was forcing herself to work
and it just didn’t feel natural. And she told me that when she was in LA, she felt like things happened really easy for her, and she just created so naturally, she was in flow. and she told me that on her astrogeography chart, there are a lot of intersections and a lot of
action going on around LA. And then in Europe there was nothing, no lines were crossing through there. So I thought that was pretty interesting. And it just so happens that on my astrogeography chart, there is a lot of energy happening at near Indonesia
and the islands near there. Not exactly at Bali, but close enough that
I’m just curious if I’ll feel something. So some of you might be wondering why I chose
Bali as my destination for solo travel. It’s mostly because I have been wanting to go there. It’s one of my places I’ve wanted to go. Many, many years ago, maybe five or six years ago, I had a friend who was engaged and was going to have a wedding in Bali and I was so excited to go. And then they called their wedding off – drama! – and then I wasn’t able to go. So since then I always thought, “Okay, Bali is on my bucket list.” Also: Eat, Pray, Love is one of my most influential books. It’s the reason I chose Italy to study abroad, and Bali is one of the places that Elizabeth Gilbert went, so duh, I would have to go there. And when I was following Jasmine Lipska’s travels, her Bali stories just got me so inspired and excited. And I kept, every story she posted I would comment like, “Oh my god, it’s so pretty! Oh my God,
this looks gorgeous. It looks amazing.” And Jasmine was like, “It seems like Bali is calling you.” And I was like, “You’re right, it is.” And lastly, I wanted to go to a place where
it was nature-y and quiet, and somewhere where it’s not too difficult to get around, somewhere that is not isolated completely. I still need civilization, like a good balance
of civilization and nature. And it turns out that, because of Instagram, Bali’s had a lot of tourism recently, and it is like a hot spot for digital nomads. So I’ve had a couple friends who traveled
around the world as digital nomads and they’ve told me that there is just – It’s so easy as an English speaker to go there and be a digital entrepreneur because there’s
so many coworking spaces. There’s a lot of people that speak English
and it’s relatively – I think because there’s so many people
that do this there, I feel more safe and more comfortable going there, because if you were to go to like Cambodia or Malaysia or somewhere that I don’t think is as popular,
I would be afraid. So Bali is a little… I like that it’s touristy enough
but it’s still nature-y enough, and it’s a good balance of what I’m looking for. So what do I plan to do in Bali? My intention for going is aligned with my 2019 theme
of “Explore and experience”. I want to experience more of the world. Obviously I want to explore, and I also want
to give back to myself. It’s a place where I want to go to recharge, not be on social media as much. I’m going there to plan my book as well. That’s a big thing. I want to go to a space where I have just more room
to think, no daily distractions, and something outside of my comfort zone
so I can tap into myself. I feel like it’s not exactly about going
to explore a new place. I believe that exploring a new place
allows you to explore yourself, so I’m looking to learn more about myself. I’m looking to hone in on my message for my book. And I want to do a bunch of yoga. I booked an Airbnb walking distance from a yoga studio, so I can really just do yoga and relax,
enjoy the atmosphere. But I’m still going to be working on Lavendaire stuff, uploading videos, and working on the launches that are still happening while I’m traveling. So it’s not a real vacation per se, but it’s more like I get to work while I am abroad. And because I know that I’ll probably get lonely, I’ll probably have more free time when I’m there because I don’t have like Wilson around. I don’t have friends around. So I’m planning, with my free time, to take all the courses that I signed up for
that I haven’t finished. I have just a list of things that I want to
learn and actually do, things that I’ve purchased but actually haven’t
either started or finished. So learning, yoga, planning my book, writing, and working on whatever I need to work on
for Lavendaire, and of course exploring and taking photos and making videos and learning about
myself when I’m there. That’s the goal. All in all, I am excited to change. I’m excited for my life to change. I’ve been talking about how I’m
embracing change this year. I am paying more attention to the little ways that I am changing both externally and internally, and I accept and invite change. And I also forgot to say I am going there, just learning to trust the universe more, just to be connected and more trusting of
just letting things happen, going with the flow, let the universe be my guide. And I do believe that this is the right decision. I’ve had all the signs, all the callings, and it would be a disservice to myself – I believe that I would hurt myself if I didn’t travel, if I didn’t do something like this, because I’ve been wanting to do it for so long. Since I was in high school, I put on my bucket list like, “Before I’m 30, I want to live in Asia.” You know, I put all these things on my
bucket list way back when and like I mentioned earlier, I wish I could stay longer, but I have a commitment that I have to come back for. So maybe when I come back. We’ll see how I feel. Who knows what the future holds. I might go back for more. I guess I just want to end this with: If you have a calling, if your heart is telling you
to go somewhere, if your heart is pulling you to do something, listen to it. Do it, because if you don’t, that’s just going to hurt you. It’s going to be a regret or it’s just always
going to tug at you. And it’s always going to be in the back of your mind, and you will never know until you do it. You don’t know until you know. And I do believe that there’s always
a way to make it work. There’s always a way to make your dreams work
with your circumstances. You just gotta figure it out. It’s a puzzle. Play Tetris, move things around, schedule your life around the things that you want to do. You just got to accept the uncertain. Take a risk sometimes. Do something outside of your comfort zone, all the stuff that we’ve been talking about. Live it for real, because this is your life and you get to do whatever you want with it. That’s that. Love you guys so much and I will see you next time. Bye!

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  • How nice Aileen! I was in Bali this summer, it’s a magic place and the people are lovely! If you have the chance visit the Gili Islands, you’re going to love them. Ciao from Italy ☺️

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    I had this dream to go to London and maybe even live there since I was 14 years old, but I didn't have the money to travel. Two years ago me and my bf traveled to Berlin, Germany because his mother gave us the trip for his 30th birthday. I was a bit sad we didn't get London because of my dream to go there and I imagined so long that London would be my first travel abroad. But when I got to Berlin I loved it so much! Instant connection!

    Then I went this summer to London and I was sooo excited to go. But when I got there it was NOT at all like I pictured it to be and I didn't vibe with the city AT ALL.

    Funny sometimes that things are not always what you think they will be. But I am happy I went because now I know Berlin is definately my wibe! I think it also has something to do with my grandmother who was born in Germany in a city very close to Berlin. It was just so cool to see where I "came from" so to speak. There was an instant connection and I am going back soon 😍❤️

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    I'm from Jakarta.
    Don't worry much dear, you'll love Bali! ❤️
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  • I love when everything is in sync. I noticed when I kept seeing peaches that peaches was my favorite fruit and universe telling me it’s ok to enjoy my favorite things. Even few of my favorite artists was wearing and looking peachy to me at the time. ☺️ was my latest in sync experience.

  • Be safe Aileen! And I wish I was brave enough. I hope to see your trip there 😁
    And I received my pastel notebooks. The packaging was so nice i think I'll keep them there lol I am in planning state as I mentioned which notebook im going to write what. Im a beginner at journaling so this is all test and see what works. A lil behind on the journal series, its on my to do 😞
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    This year I got my scuba diving license, solo camped my first time, explores a few national parks, went to concerts, let myself dance with friends when we went out, and traveled around Scandinavia! Wonderful adventure can happen just outside your door!

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  • Speaking of synchronicities… I've been thinking about how to establish a career path that allows me to travel and work from Bali and then I stumble upon this video…

  • Turkish & Spanish subtitles are available! Click "CC" and check the video settings. Thank you to the contributors listed in the description 💕

  • Iceland is calling me for about 10 years now (I’m 18 lol the first time I said “i wanna go to iceland was around my 8th birthday haha) and I would definitely go. the have been signs that I should go…

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  • Hi, you seem to be both excited and nervous in this vid 😉 I have a question about how your bf deals with you going abroad for so long, without him? How to convince a bf, that solo travel is for explore ourselves and may be egoistic but it will help us and people around in the future? Travel is sth we have the right for, and when I want to go with my bf, but he has no money/time, what should I do? Stay with him just to don’t make him feel abandoned?

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