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  • Jayden Radtke says:

    I am traveling alone to Spain and London alone in 2 months and I'm excited, but at the same time terrified. This video helped very much though thank you!

  • Daniel Schaper says:

    I saw this title and I thought to myself "with what bloody money?!" I barely have enough money to travel solo, which is why I try to travel in groups to try and lower the costs, but it really isn't fun because we all have to stay together without wandering off.

  • Love & Money Secrets TV says:

    Another great video with excellent content and beautifully done! Love the background and that Ice blue water, Brrrr, looks cold, but you said it's geothermal warm…NICE

  • Reginald Dove says:

    The advice about drinking is on point…nurse your drinks…don't accept any drinks from people you don't know…if the bartender tells you some random girl/guy paid for it…refuse as politely as possible….

  • Raquel Angelique says:

    I’ll be going on my first solo trip in a month. I am so nervous. Any tips for island hopping would be appreciated (:

  • asia chestnut says:

    Had to watch videos like this because everyone so worry about me traveling by myself they think ima get killed or something so I’m watching videos like this to see other people experience and to give me more hope to go head and travel alone

  • Timothy Tibbits says:

    Most of my solo travel has been on a motorcycle. As much as 32 days. I have traveled abroad a little bit solo but mostly I like to go with my wife. She is a great travel companion and those can be hard to find.

  • I've travelled solo once before. I spent a week in Portugal with my mom, but then we broke off and she went to Italy and I went to Barcelona. It's definitely an empowering feeling to be navigating a strange city alone, in my opinion. I did also experience some anxiety the last night I was there (I wanted to go out to dinner, but was a little worried about walking back alone at night) but I'm hoping that will happen less and less the more I travel alone.

  • All of your advice is dead ON! I just had a major disagreement with my gym friends in the sauna about traveling solo. They were sooo against it. I had to explain that waiting for others will not allow you to see this big beautiful world. I have a third -eye that is and have always been WIDE OPEN.. Im very intuitive and know when to to get out of a situation or place when it doesn't feel right. I will be taking y first solo trip this July. I CAN"T WAIT!! I've already have the Airbnb I want I just have to book it and the flight. Thanks so much for your tips. Most of what you mention I knew but its always good to hear it from someone else. I have a friend who's been traveling solo for the longest. I have a nice circle of friends and close associates that can assist me with traveling solo. Again, your tips are spot on and I hope those who do decide to travel alone will take all of your tips .

  • Kaninchen & Pinguin says:

    I want travel alone in make in every continent a baby with a random girl and everybody of them should be a boxer, and in 20 Years everybody of them would be a pro an fights with me because I would be at this time the worldchampion in boxing. That would be soo cool but I think that will never happen.
    What do you think?

  • i really want to travel solo but im soooo scared. Nobody is down to go with me because they on a budget but i really want to see the world! 😭

  • Farzad Jahanfard says:

    Actually Lonliness is a thing if you are not pretty or not a girl no one gives a shit about you.

  • Man. Watching someone enjoy themselves like that brings me to tears. So wonderful. Gives me hope that I may know the same joy one day.

  • I’m 14 and when I will be 17 I’ll go in California for 1 month in a family. I will be solo, in a new country without anyone that I know. I’m excited and afraid. It’s okay because my dream is to travel solo the world so I will practice in California. Also, two years ago I was just able to speak French, nothing in English ! I practice a lot and now I start to be pretty good ^^

  • Sofia Abrantes says:

    This video was one of the reasons I adventured out on my own! If anyone here wants some more inspiration, here is how traveling solo went for me/some tips:

  • a1stbornunicorn says:

    That last part especially YASSS! Do whatever you want on your own schedule and be yourself, not what anyone thinks you should be or expects of you! Find what makes you happy and try to bring that back home with you. Great video!

  • Terrie Mullins says:

  • Great video 🙂 Lots of offbeat places for solo travel in India 🙂

  • northofyou33 says:

    Are there older people in hostels? I love young people, but I want to befriend people closer to retirement age, since that's my stage of life.

  • northofyou33 says:

    I've been to New York City, Italy, England, Portugal, and Mexico alone — from California. The first trip was scary. I hated eating alone in restaurants THE MOST. But it gets easier and easier.

  • Brooke Jones says:

    i have solo travelled before and didn't like it. I should've brought a better pair of shoes, shouldve utilized public transit more. the hostel i was staying in sucked. i don't enjoy being without friends in general like i am a big extrovert and enjoy sharing experiences with people im close to, as well as sharing anxiety in situations with others so I can lean on them. also solo travelling is big expensive because you cannot split an uber or a meal, you pay for Everything yourself. I might try it again and remedy my mistakes with things I can change but in general I prefer to travel with one friend maybe max two or three.

  • Clau Álvarez says:

    How have you afford paying for all of those travels?? I really love traveling but it seems like my bank account doesn’t

  • Lewis Venturini says:

    This video was so much fun to watch and so informative! Great location to shoot and amazing charisma, thanks😁

  • Alexander Birch-Ares says:

    I am about to leave on my first ever solo trip in 5 days time and I'm so excited. I'm going to be backpacking around southeast Asia for 7 weeks. I honestly can't wait.

  • Jackie Kircher says:

    I am loving your videos! You are so down-to-earth and funny! I feel like we would be good friends! haha keep living your best life!

  • James O'Hehir says:

    when I clicked on this video, and saw this woman's face.. before hearing her speak, I knew she was Australian.. honest. I said to myself 'I'm calling it..' Idk I think it may have been the hair style that gave it away.

  • Just spent 3 weeks in Costa Rica kiteboarding on a solo trip…met tons of cool people. Solo travel is awesome!

  • I just went on my first solo trip to Mexico and it was awesome! It was so interesting to meet so many different people and hear there story's. I can't wait to do it again now!

  • I solo traveled to México City.. Besides being black, I'm 6'7" tall (200.66 cm). I stuck out like a sore thumb, but it was so much fun.. Great tips

  • Supranatural03 says:

    Hey, thanks for the vid!! to answer your question Yeah i have done a few solo trips, (japan and US) about to do one more in Norway in a month or so!!

  • creative chaplain says:

    loved it. But the real question is how, how did you manage to film without the lens getting foggy all the time?

  • Traveling alone is safe. The most important word when traveling alone is the ability to say NO. I am so glad she said that. Next rule is become friends with other solo travelers. Not locals. Don't befriend locals unless they have proven themselves to you.

  • AwkwardSause c: says:

    The only issue i have with travelling alone is the danger factors- how safe will the hostels be? How safe is the area i'm visiting? I think i need to gain some street smarts before i explore a country on my own

  • So I went to New York for the first time for a music trip and it was almost ruined. The whole time I was constantly having to make sure I was with someone instead of doing my own thing and I missed out on so so much. I wish I just went off and did my own thing from the start. I would have had so much more fun. I finally at the very end of the trip left the group and walked time square alone. It was exhilarating and terrifying but so worth it. I had my first juice smoothie and I got to see an amazing cosmetics store and wasn’t miserable! Definitely recommend it if you haven’t gone and done something alone before.

  • Nikola Gorgievski says:

    I had to check the playback speed i thought it was on 1.5x but turns out it's normal, and your speaking isn't 😛

  • I’m a solo traveler too cuz I don’t want to be annoyed with other people making choices for me or waiting for them etc. Thanks for sharing your video.😍😍😍😍

  • I'm about to travel to Melbourne, Australia by myself and this is the first I'll be traveling alone in a big city. I'm just nervous about getting around the city by myself, even though i'm 22 lol but I know it will be a good experience

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