Snow White Inspired Look | Creative RE-Creations by Carrie Marie #1  | CCbyCM

Snow White Inspired Look | Creative RE-Creations by Carrie Marie #1 | CCbyCM

Hi Everyone! Welcome back to my channel!
I’m Carrie Marie and today’s video is going to be a recreation inspired by Snow White
from the show Once Upon a Time. If you have not seen it, you definitely should.
It’s on Netflix! Today is the first in my new series, RE-Creations
by Carrie Marie so please stay tuned for more recreations that are inspired by movies, shows,
and books! Today I will be showing you how to get this
Snow White inspired look! If you have not already, please subscribe
to my channel by clicking the little red button that’s popping around right there!
I’m going to start off this Snow White look with the makeup. So, I’ve pulled up my hair
to get it out of the way and I will begin by making my face look a little pale, so that
it’s more Snow White-ish. I’m going to use Younique’s BB Flawless Cream in the color
Cream because it’s super light and I’m just going to apply that on my face and a little
bit down on my neck. Now I’m going to do a tiny bit of blush, right
along here very lightly. I’m using Younique’s Moodstruck in Sweet.
For the eyes, I’ve already started my look with my 3D lashes, as you can see, and I’m
just going to finish off that look with a little eye makeup, very subtly. Start off
with a light color, sexy. Then I’ll go a little lightly on the eyes with confident, which
is a little bit of a gold color. And lastly, some black eyeliner.
And to finish off the makeup look, we will use some pink on the lips! Stiff Upper Lip
Stain in Shy and top that off with Lucrative Lip Gloss in Lady Like!
Now for the hair! My most exciting part! I’m starting off with my hair messily curled.
It’s actually curl that’s left over from yesterday. But, if you have naturally curly hair, or
if it wasn’t curled from yesterday and you just want to throw in some loose curls in
it, that will be the best for this style. You’re going to start off by parting your
hair down the middle. Hahaha, it looks kind of silly! Just kind of throw part of your
hair back. You can tuck it behind your ear or stick a clip in it to get it out of the
way while you work with this side. You’re going to start off with a chunk of
hair about this big. We’re going to be putting it in a loose french braid, back about half
way. You’ll want to fasten off the braid with a small hair twistie or rubber band that matches
your hair color. Then you’re going to just pull apart the braid a little bit to give
it a nice, loose, puffy look! Next you’re going to do the same thing on
the other side. So, if you see the top, you’ll be able to see that there’s two french braids
going back about half way. Next, to get the Snow White look, she has
a couple chunks of what looks like lighter color leather, although I just found a strip
of white scrap material that I’m going to use. You’re going to want to take a strip
about the length of your arm. You’re going to want to tie this around each side of the
pony tails. And the last step to the hair-do, is to take some of the shorter pieces of hair
that are up in the pony tails, and mush them around into almost a messy looking bun, and
then secure with bobby pins. There you go… a Snow White Look!
And to really finish things off, I’m just going to put on this little robe thing and
tie it around my neck, so that it looks like one of the outfits that Snow White wore in
the show! There you have a Snow White look!
Well, thank you for watching today’s video! I hope you liked the Snow White inspired look,
for my first RE-Creation. Please subscribe to my channel, if you have
not already, and give my video a big thumbs up. And I’d also love to hear your ideas for
other RE-Creations, so please leave those in the comments below! Thanks and have a great

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