Slow Travel in the Age of Speed

I’m about to embark on one of the most
exciting journeys that you can go on via land I’m trying to get back to China to
continue learning Tai Chi with my master and I’m going to take the train the
journey starts in Bristol my hometown in England we take the train to mainland
Europe and to Russia a country unimaginably vast and for me
completely unknown from Moscow I take the iconic
trans-siberian railway I spend three nights on board before reaching the
depths of Siberia for an English man who starts panic buying socks if it snows
I wonder how communities survive when the average winter temperature is minus
25 degrees from Siberia I’m not sure the coronavirus has tragically killed
thousands in China but I bought on my visas and tickets before the outbreak my
Tai Chi master says he is safe where he is this may be the most stupid decision
I ever make but I can always turn back in a world where time has money spending
twelve days stuck in the metal box on wheels may seem like a crazy way to
travel but I think I might learn something by slowing down Hi Oksana, are you well what’s the
temperature of you at the moment – it is -8is a warm day is that right right what sort
of things could I expect from Siberia in February I guess I’m interested in the
sort of lives that people lead when it’s so cold we are warm inside our way of
life probably too cold to smile for us be prepared to get really cold okay
the challenge of what clothes to bring I could bring my Tai Chi clothes all right
11 months it’s not too bad be wise enjoy yourself take feedback
I’ll be sensible not gonna go into my death I will be flexible I’m sad to be leaving I’m sad to be
leaving my family and Bristol my friends but it also has been quite lonely it’s
just working by myself so I’m excited to try and get back to master gus if I
actually get there and to continue getting deeper into Taoism and Taichi
it’s obviously a great privilege and honor I’m really grateful for to be able
to do this and yeah we’ll see what we learn together here we go I’m excited it’s been months
in the planning I’m going back to China yes Brussels the center of European politics
and power Britain will no longer be part of that Club okay welcome to Germany so far a very
pleasant journey the Europeans do their trains very well Eurostar excellent very
quick suddenly I was in Brussels and people speaking French and now we’re on
the German trains I want to talk a little bit about deutsche bahn they are
the second biggest travel logistics company in the world I’ve just been
looking at their Wikipedia they have revenues of 40 billion dollars per year
in Britain we have a private rail network we had British Rail in 1992
something like that and it was privatized the French and the German
governments have both bought into Britain’s private rail networks – cross
country Arriva if you’re British as those trains
are actually run by the German government quite interesting it turns
out I’m actually a bit of a train nerd I kind of forgot about that
I look at quite a lot of train videos on YouTube so it’s quite enjoying it really
seeing how all the different countries do things okay let’s go for it so the train is more expensive and it’s
25 times slower than flying so it’s a bit of a crazy way to travel all the way
to the east and I certainly feel the pressure and our fast-paced society to
always be productive time as money but the reality is is that until we get
badass solar planes we all need to try and fly bit less if we are to avert
catastrophic climate change plus on the plane right what do you get you have
your ready meal you watch a low res film you have a snooze then you arrive. you don’t
get the sense for the scale of our planet
nor how the cultures and nature transforms on the journey so I’m gonna try out in this century-old
train line and who knows don’t know what we’re going to learn what we’re going to
find you may find that this is in fact the transportation of the future I hope you enjoyed this new series a lot
has changed since I left it’s taken me weeks to edit I’m safe but you’ll find
out what happens as the videos come out one piece of news I’m looking to hire a
video editor someone with experience who uses Final Cut Pro and we’re going to
make some cool videos together I also want to hire an animator if I get to
master goos I want to animate some Chinese stories so if your artistry
style matches the Chinese flowing style then there’s a link down in the
description below it wouldn’t be possible to hire people without the help
of the patreon thank you my aspiration for this channel is philosophy in nature
documentary quality videos free on YouTube so I’m not documentary quality
yet but I appreciate your support and making that possible give me a few years
ok the next video is me going from Warsaw to Moscow I will see you then

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