Ski Tips – Short turn pole plant drill to improve your skiing – Advanced Lesson

14 thoughts on “Ski Tips – Short turn pole plant drill to improve your skiing – Advanced Lesson”

  • what if you lean rly low on your turns because it's steep and your pole in the fron hits the ground isn't it better to keep the poles at your back when turning with your butt rly low ?

  • Section 8 Snowsport Institute says:

    Sorry, I'm not sure I understand the question entirely.

    The pole plant is key for short turns on steeps where you are steering the skis aggressively to control speed. The pole tip goes into the snow in front of the hand where it blocks momentum and stabilizes the upper body… then you just ski past it and it automatically comes out of the snow and out of the way.

    In bigger faster GS type turns the pole plant has a slightly different purpose and timing.

  • I could ski all day long and make nice turns in laid back country like that. Should be intermediate tip. Where is you steep and crudy snow tips?

  • Section 8 Snowsport Institute says:

    Provided you are still doing short radius turns on a steeper pitch or in crud the timing of the pole plant will be the same. It does change slightly for bigger GS type turns.

    I believe we do have a few tips for steeper terrain and crud on our channel… but I'm afraid I can't link to them in a comment.

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