100 thoughts on “Simulator helps show final moments before ferry sank”

  • Kookie Fangirl says:

    what the hell "don't move cz its dangerous » thats a bullshit thing i've heard ///the boat its literally sinking (which means they should move out of there place & go to higher top ,, they R all wearings life jacket they should jump into water bz the rescue team R waiting …..huhu shoot that instructor🔫🔫🔫

  • They only thing that stopped the rescuers from saving the students were the currents, government and their terrible excuse of “inexperience with this type of rescue”. Nobody is experienced when it comes to a capsizing ship but the least they could of done is get as many students out as they could instead of watching the ferry sink and to wait hours for the government to react to the situation. I just hate that they way people haven’t learnt to be better than this is by letting innocent children die in a sinister way. I hope the children are in a better place and that the hundreds of families get the proper truth to what and why this happened.

  • We should simulate and do one with Captain in a pool. Lockall doors and use a telecom in there and play his words to stay put, itd be safer. Itd make me feel better about this horrible tragedy that never should of taken place if only they told them to get on deck it wouldn't of been so awful.

  • 500+ divers join in the rescue? No, the government sent none of them to help those poor young students. Just some volunteering citizen divers did it.

  • Tushar Panthri says:

    1 hour 30 minutes were more than enough for everyone tp evacuate😭. Damn fuk that Captain , he'll rot in the lowest chambers of hell for taking away the children from their parents. The children were making videos to capture their adventures believing that they will be saved . THEY HAD DREAMS, FAMILIES,HOBBIES AND A FULL LIFE AHEAD OF THEM. 😭😭😭 REST IN PEACE ✝️

  • Harie Amjari says:


  • It's not so simple and definitely not abt the weather condition. All these children could have survived if not for bureacratic failure, inefficiencies and of coz the irresponsible captain. Watch this: https://youtu.be/5_A8dq2fA5o

  • Xenna Lopeth says:

    0:12 – 0:22

    Students will be at panic but they had trusted the captain and staff. They hoped and stay …………..

  • Crystal Gamer says:

    This is just heartbreaking
    Many angels died and the captain deserves to be in jail
    I mean it pisses me off when the captain said
    "Dont move"
    I mean wth they should have evacuated so 100s of lives would have been saved!
    God damn this captain.
    Also once he said he gave control of the ship to his 3rd mate ehich he should not be giving as 3rd mates are not supposed to be controlling it. The captain should be out last and the passengers first, but hey who cares when u have a DAMN captain like this one!
    And what a fucking irresponsible god damn president she was!
    That bitch deserved to finish her job as a damn president!
    And the ppl who were supposed to save the passengers lives were just making stupid excuses and reporting the scenes THATS IT??!!

  • Most of the kids died because they obeyed their elders. In Korea kids are not allowed to question elders but have to obey the commands and they had paid the price. The price, which was more than anyone can imagine. Rest in Peace Kids, Rest in Peace.

  • Mr. Oreo woof says:

    I think ships should have saved instructions for every grave situation and recorded audio should automatically start playing so that people don't have to listen to some stupid mofo captain

  • Wicked Mcjagger says:

    Dumb ways to die if i were in that ship hahahahah i would be the first one out i can swim no problem and i have a lifejacket so 100% no problem

  • Jisoo is okay, okay? says:

    My gosh the crews of that ship are so stupid! Why let them stay still if they were below the deck where the water is coming? Stupidity! Hope they were the ones who drowned instead of those innocent students.

  • They couldve at least said to evacuate instead of stay put, that is one idiotic move to do knowing you have highschool students on the ship

  • What’s the anchor talking about ‚rough seas‘ at the end? I don’t remember a rescue operation where the sea was calmer. No one expects the rescuers to enter and search the ship when tilted that far, but giving advice and try to get as many of these poor souls out of it.

  • The first thing I would do is get my life jacket and go to the lifeboats. Damn their instructions, they just got people killed for no good reason.

  • FUCK THAT IS WHY I HATE WATER… "stay put" is not the way to survive you must move to survive… Those bodies that are not founded are still waiting while im typing this. THIER SOUL IS OUT THERE SOMEWHERE! I wish all the survivors the best and let those forgotten souls rest in peace. I CANT STOP THE AGONY OF MY FEELING

  • Kim van der Linden says:

    Excuse me but it was not hard to rescue those people. There were other countries sending help but the Korean government shut them out and refused help from outside. Also they refused to let divers go in to look for survives even though the civilian divers said that the conditions were okay for them to go. If the government handled things better, everyone could've been saved.

  • Seeing all these people around the ferry and only reporting and didn't do anything to help the children makes me mad more and more i feel like i want to kill them with thousands of knifes😐

  • “You are safer on the vessel until you assess that yes the vessel is sinking then you can evacuate the vessel.” Okay so wait to confirm that the vessel is sinking then exit it? Why don’t you just exit the vessel in the first place wtf

  • After ALL these years I can't erase the image of the student banging on the window before sinking sec after…May they all rest in peace and be in Heaven 🙏🎗️✨

  • It's heartbreaking to see that last clip, the bottom of the ship slowly being submerged, knowing that there were over 200 still inside hoping to be rescued

  • The crew had as much fault as the kids. Why would u stay put when the ferry is taking water. Common sense didn’t prevail. Sad that so many kids die. And of course the responsible for the rescue should had been locked up. But nothing happened. Corrupt gov as hell

  • Im a korean myself but fuck that Korean shit protocol! I remember that Asiana airline crash at San Francisco Airport back in 2013, u know after the crash it is very crucial and so passangers have to evacuate the plane as soon as possible but then the stupid fuckin Korean pilot was like, “No, remain on your seats and wait for further instructions.” Seriously? FUCK that shit !!!!!

  • Reminds me off when me and my friends in like 5th grade lean on one side of the air house and the whole thing tilted. Them days were awsome

  • That’s like when the planes hit the twin towers and the people who were evacuating were told to go back to work as it would be okay.

  • That ferry was heading to Jeju island and at the same date my school was heading there too. I was grade 8 by then. I still remember a month before that trip all the grade 8’s did a survey to choose how we are going to get there however, we chose plane over the ferry, because the ferry was fully booked. And when we arrived at the island the hotel was really quiet. It seemed like the other half of the hotel looked almost empty. Yup, all those rooms where booked for the students on the ferry. As soon as I heard all about this. I thought I cheated death.

  • Phillip Roberts says:

    this is sooo fucking stupid!!!! why would anyone want to experience this???!?!! goddamn society has truly regressed and everyone has turned into slaves to false idols

  • If everyone were to move more people would’ve died. Everyone would’ve been pushing each other off, there isn’t much space for all those people to get up when the ship is like that. Sad sacrifice but atleast it didn’t result in everyone dying 🙁

  • Anyone correct me if I’m wrong , can you still drown with a life jacket , I understand if your like stuck or something but will you continue to sink?

  • i saw some other things about this story, and all I can say is that I feel disgusted…
    the crew of the ferry…. what they did was horrible and how they handled that situation was bad..
    and the president, as i heard, was also included…
    i really feel bad for those who had also lost their lives due to these decisions of the crew.
    sorry this super late,,

  • This story really affected me. I didn’t know anyone, but just watching the videos that they took on the boat during it sinking, I just cried so much. All those lives lost because the damn captain didn’t do his job like he was supposed to. I literally cried for hours straight when I heard about this. If I, as a stranger to all those passengers cried for HOURS straight over this, I can’t even imagine what the family and friends of them felt like. And every time I re think about this, I cry over and over again. I’m so so so sorry for every family and friends who had to loose someone they loved and cherished because of this captain. I hope no one EVER has to deal with the sadness of loosing someone they love and cherish.

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