SeaWorld Orlando 2020 Roller Coaster POV Concept & Analysis

hey guys so I wanted to make a predicted
layout POV before the official announcement next week so I took a look
at the footer maps and based on the scale and rumors that have been going
around this is what I’ve come up with, we know this new edition will be going
near mango joes and the outdoor eating area here will be the new queue area.
this is Shamu stadium and the lake it’s rumored to be a quadruple launch and
have a speed of about 55 miles an hour as well as a holding brake as teased in
the official trailer that SeaWorld released a few weeks ago, it doesn’t seem
to be the largest coaster and the amount of inversions is unknown I’d compare it
to about the size of skyrocket at Kennywood just based on those rumors,
maybe it’s a little bit bigger but it will be built by premier rides. So the
great part of this coaster is that even with the forward and backward launches
it does have a transfer track which allows for more than one train on the
circuit at a time, and overall with a lot of unknowns this is more of a concept of
what could be done with the footer placement that has been released so
don’t expect it to be as close to some of our other layouts that we’ve done.
It’s likely to be different but it does look like a perfect addition for
SeaWorld, we’re super excited to see what comes of this announcement next week

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