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– [Narrator] Wins the outcome – [Announcer] Major number 11, Tiger Woods is back in the Winner’s Circle – [Announcer] Champion golfer of the year is Louis Oosthuizen. – [Announcer] Phil Nicholson, with a Sunday to remember. (hopeful music) – [Camera Man] So how do you feel about your first trip to Scotland? – It’s amazing. So excited. (hopeful music) (gentle guitar music) – I think it’s important
to explain the history and the tradition of the game. See a version of the
game where it started, and now it’s where it’s
evolved to what we do. So St. Andrews was always the place I had in my head. I have a relationship with the golf coach at the University of St. Andrews, and having been there
myself a number of times, the feeling you get, I’ve
played all over the world, the feeling you get playing St. Andrews is unlike anything else. And so I wanted them to experience that. – Probably my most memorable experience, for me personally, was the
first day getting there. Just arrived at St. Andrews, we’re here at the 17th hole. Looking at this crazy green, and it’s kind of overwhelming, honestly. Just because of how tired you are, coming off of, trying
to sleep on the plane, and just completely failing to do so. But when we got out of the van, and we drove up to St. Andrews and we could see like, all
the memorable buildings and everything, and I was just like in a tired and kinda delusional state, and just looking at it, it was so like, like, I was awestruck. Then we got out of the van
and just kind of walked up to the 18th green and I just like, just visions and memories, kinda, of going through like
different people who’ve won the Open there, and stuff like that, just kinda filled my mind. And as tired as I was, I was just, like, completely in awe, and
just completely speechless. It was a really cool
experience, and it was really, really cool to be at, you
know, the home of golf. – Just a good week with
the guys, you know, we’re super thankful for
everyone who made it possible. All the donors that support the school, the coaches for taking us there. – Being there with the team, the group of guys that we
were with, and our coaches, I don’t know if I could have gone with a better group of people. Just the whole family that
we have here is amazing. And getting to share that
with everybody on the team, and the coaches, was truly
a memorable experience. – Cheese and leek sausage, some mushrooms, haggis, beans, – [Camera Man] Beans? It’s the full Scottish breakfast, huh? – I had to do it, I had to do it. – [Camera Man] All right. (soft music) – The primary purpose from a
team development standpoint was our season starts the third, second days of classes, here. That’s not a lot of time
to have your players in front of you. So going to Scotland the week before, allowed us to bond, interact, develop some practices that
we’re gonna use all year. So when the first day of school hits, we can leave the next day and be ready. – My biggest hope is that we as a team just appreciate how lucky we are, and appreciate everything
that’s being given to us so that we can go out and perform to the best of our abilities. I don’t know of any other team that just gets to go over to Scotland, and especially being a senior, I’m like, my appreciation for what
our coaches have done – [Coach] Good work, proud of you kid. – And what they had to do
in order to get that trip set up for us is like, through the roof. I can’t even begin to thank them enough. And I just hope that that appreciation and that feeling of
“Wow, we’re this lucky” kinda stays with us. Because I think it acts as a catalyst to go out and perform to
the best of our abilities. And prove and show people
why we get to go on trips like that. – Honestly, what surprised me most was just how slow these greens are. I think that — – First of all, collegiate athletics, yes they’re about winning and losing. I think of basketball and football, that’s a primary mission, of course. And it’s very important to us. But this is an educational
experience that we hope broadens their view of the world. So number one that’s what I
wanted them to get out of it. And number two I wanted what
I think the most exciting and important year of
my ten year here so far, is this year, we’re
hosting the MCA Tournament. I wanted to develop the
team piece right away. And lastly, I hope that the
moments we shared together over there are something, not just player coach but
coach coach, player player, the interpersonal moments
when we didn’t have our phones out every
second because we couldn’t, will be cherished for a long time. ‘Cause they certainly will for me. That was my sixth trip to the
United Kingdom to play golf, and it was the most special
because my players were there. (guitar music) (energetic bass music)

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