Sailor Moon’s Tokyo Tower Travel Guide / 美少女戦士セーラームーンの東京タワー

Sailor Moon’s Tokyo Tower Travel Guide / 美少女戦士セーラームーンの東京タワー

Out of all the real life locations used in
the series Sailor Moon, Tokyo Tower is easily the most famous and beloved by fans. While in real life it may not be surround
by constant lens flares and pink bubbles it is still easily recognisable and is a must
see for even the most casual anime fan. Tokyo Tower can be reached from several train
stations and their convenience really depends on where you are coming from on that particular
day. Personally I recommend walking from Roppongi
Station as this will give you the opportunity to visit the anime Sailor Mars Shrine and
do some fantastic shopping in the Roppongi Hills and Tokyo Midtown complexes before or
after your visit to the Tower. From Roppongi, Tokyo Tower is just a 15 minute
walk downhill. There is no set route as Tokyo Tower is kind of hard to miss. To the older generation and nationalists Tokyo
Tower represents Japan’s strength as a nation mostly due to the fact that one third of it
is made up entirely of US tanks damaged in the Korean War. This fact is entirely lost on today’s Japanese
people though who simply think of it as a romantic place to take a date. In fact a popular
belief is that if you are looking at the tower at the exact time it changes lighting colour,
your wish will come true or your relationship that you’re in will last forever. Tokyo Tower developed this “romantic” reputation
due to the fact that it bares a remarkable resemblance to France’s Eiffel Tower, a fact
not lost on many Western tourists who think of it as a cheap, unimaginative, and even
ugly imitation of an existing icon. Due to it’s prominence in popular anime series
such as Card Captor Sakura, X1999, Magic Knight Rayearth and of course Sailor Moon, however
Tokyo Tower has very quickly become a popular tourist destination for anime and manga fans
of all ages and nationality. The building at the base of the tower is split
into several floors. The ground floor features heaps of souvenir stores and restaurants though
I HIGHLY recommend eating somewhere else in Roppongi before or after you visit the tower
as the outlets in the tower are very low in quality and several cafes allow smoking. The upper floors feature video game arcades
which is a great way to experience another aspect of Japanese culture. There is also an outdoors section with rides
for young children though unfortunately it was closed when I visited. Strangely, to get to the observation deck
you have to buy a separate ticket from outside the building near the bus stop on the ground
floor. This confuses almost everyone so don’t feel
embarrassed if you can’t find it easily. The view from Tokyo Tower really is amazing
and gives you a chance to see a lot of famous locations from a unique perspective. The tower opened to the public on the 23rd
of December 1958 and until 2010 was the tallest building in Japan. You can even see Mt. Fuji on clear days. If
Mt. Fuji is what you want to see, make sure you come during winter as the sky is much
clearer than in summer which gives you almost zero visibility. There is a cafe on the observation deck though
unfortunately, like the eateries downstairs, I suggest avoiding this and eating elsewhere. The cafe is a great place though to sit and
wait for the sunset which looks spectacular and to watch Tokyo transform from day to night.

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  • Amazing video! i have always dreamed to go to the Tokyo tower! I hope I can make it there someday! Question: Do you speak Japanese? If so how long did it take you to learn the language?

  • If theres a ugly unimpressive copy of the Eiffel Tower anywhere it got to be Blackpool Tower which looks pretty crap. On the other hand Tokyo Tower is a whole lot better and I wish to see it one day.

  • Sailor Moon News, Reviews and Views says:

    @twinkiebeyond You know, I actually agree. Definitely a must visit place for anime fans but I wouldn't go there a second time (unless you were making a video like this).

  • Sailor Moon News, Reviews and Views says:

    @thegirltype There are definitely more interesting places to go than Tokyo Tower in Tokyo, I agree. Good place to go once though to check it off the list.

  • HungryHungryWhoreB!tch says:

    notice how on 4:15 to 4:23 they were like smal unnoticeable spider webs or strings it reminded me of the last episode of sailor moon super s

  • Tokyo Tower, DAMN!I I've always wanted to see that. ~ Thank you, who have served my little dream. *lovelovelove* However, I hope to see it live someday…

  • rhiannonmurton says:

    @Bgirldotnet You could also include the episodes where Usagi and Mamoru's pasts were revealed. The dub called it the "Starlight Tower", but it was pretty much indistinguishable from the Tokyo Tower.

  • MovieStarKitten says:

    I am new to your page. Just stumbled on some of your videos the other day. I'm a HUGE Sailor Moon fan and collector. I love the videos. You are very cool. keep em up. I love them! =]

  • MovieStarKitten says:

    I know I already commented but I can't help adding that this is a great video!!! You really video tape the areas you visit quite well. I feel like I am there myself when I watch this video. I like how you slowly show all the game machines and everything there is to see as you are walking. Great job!

  • I got to say thanks for your travel videos. This way my friend and I have an idea of where we are going since I'm not very good at reading Japanese, we can check out some of locations in your video this coming summer for vacation. We were worried about not being able to see some of these locations, but it appears we well get the chance now. Thank you! (:

  • Sailor Moon News, Reviews and Views says:

    @KiteChaser I think Sunshine 60 is taller but it's a "building" and not a "tower" or someting technical like that.

  • @moonkittynet Ah, I see! Ha, I love how all the Japanese towers have mascots, though the Tokyo Tower one looks a bit… well….not sure really.

  • i kno its proly not real but you know the Starlight Tower used in dub ep 30 is it based on Tokyo Tower or is it based on another tower or is it Tokyo tower and the DIC dub really did not want any japanese references

  • Carolina Rojo says:

    These travel videos are amazing, I know I will sound crazy but it almost makes me feel like, the characters are somewhere those places. (yu, I'm a HUGE sailor moon fan.)

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