Sailing Backwards | Sailing Soulianis – Ep. 51

Sailing Backwards | Sailing Soulianis – Ep. 51

(relaxing music) – That took all of about 20
seconds to get our first fish. – We are modeling today,
believe it or not. – What, are you getting an agent now? (laughs) – Hi. – We’re taking the boat
out for the first time in almost a month. We came to Stock Island, which
is right next to Key West and we left the boat for two weeks, when we were headed to
Utah, for a work trip. Now we’re gonna be leaving in three days, from this marina, and headed
back to Port Charlotte, to put the boat on the harbor. It was time to pull the boat out and tackle a few big projects. More on that in a bit. And we’ve got a couple days here, that we’ve finally managed to carve out, to go jump in the water
and hopefully snorkel and maybe see a couple fish. It’s sunny, gorgeous,
hot, and unfortunately there hardly is a knot of wind, so we’ll probably be motoring
to wherever we drop anchor. Fun day. (Butterflies by The Village Squares) ♪ Seven AM, I had to call
just to say I love you ♪ ♪ You were in my dreams again ♪ ♪ I’m always thinking of you ♪ ♪ Is it hard to be alone ♪ ♪ Do you miss me all the time ♪ – What’d you settle on? – I don’t know. – Kirk’s trying to find some bait. – Corn, hot dogs, peanut butter
sandwiches, soap, gum balls, raisins, I don’t know man. I feel like we could try
raisins, ’cause I’d be willing to give those up. That dude that was next to
us, that went to the Bahamas, said that his buddy
told him, wooden plugs, soaked in WD-40. – I think someone’s pulling your leg. – [Kirk] I’ve heard about
this working fantastically but if anyone has any other
tips for rigging a hand line while under sail, I’d love
to hear them in the comments. One, two, three, jump. (laughs) (screams) – Apparently I forgot to close
my mouth when I jumped in. – [Kirk] Jeez. (coughs) You’re making this really sexy. – I know. (relaxing music) – So those big projects we mentioned, this was one of them, a bottom job. Below the water line hadn’t
been touched since we left the fresh water of lake Michigan, and it definitely needed it. – [Kirk] What’d you just see? – You saw a sea turtle. – [Kirk] I saw a sea turtle, yeah. And you scared him. – Oh, I saw him dive. – [Kirk] Yeah he’s gone. How are you? – I’m good, I’m cleaning the bottom, or at least the sides. What I can reach, without going under. Because my lungs are
kind of wussy right now and in an attempt to clean as
much of the boat as I could, I decided to stay above water. (plane engine roaring) – [Kirk] Hi there. – Hi. – [Kirk] Look how beautiful it is. (relaxing music) – See ya, Stock Island Marina. – [Lauren] So many
hours spent there, love. – [Kirk] Yeah. (relaxing music) (radio chattering) – Oh no, someone’s on the radio and it sounds like they’ve run aground or their boat is sinking. – We can only hear the Coast Guard’s side of this conversation,
because the other guy’s radio isn’t very powerful, just like ours. The Coast Guard was asking
if they had life jackets and if the had enough food and water, and if there were kids on board, and it sounded dire but I guess maybe that’s just the usual questions they ask. Hopefully they’re okay. – Meanwhile, we have a
powerless auto-pilot going reasonably well. (relaxing music) – We are 20 miles from Key West. And we’re headed to Cayo
Costa which is about 150 miles from Key West, as long as
I can keep us on our tack. I’m in a dress and I’m not cold. That’s pretty awesome. Kirk’s about to make me some dinner. – [Kirk] Is that so? (relaxing music) (waves crashing) (wind howling) – [Kirk] Pretty sweet
bimini top we got there. – [Lauren] It’s not bad. Yes, our sarong bimini was pretty sweet given the alternative of
no shade what so ever. This was going to be
big project number two, after we hauled out, build a real bimini. (upbeat music) – [Kirk] To make it to Cayo
Costa meant arriving after dark, so we called an audible,
and after 120 miles, we turned into Fort Myers beach. – [Lauren] Holy hell, oh wait,
what is that thing though? – [Kirk] It might be a Catfish. – [Lauren] Did you put
the whole shrimp on there? – [Kirk] No, I put one. – [Lauren] Oh, really. – [Kirk] What are you? You’re a catfish. Shit, they have the spiny barbs. – Oh no. – That took all of about 20
seconds to get our first fish. I’m just gonna put him in
the center of the cockpit, ’cause I think he’s kind of spiney. – [Lauren] Kirk was right,
this was a salt water catfish. – You see his dorsal fin, I
think that’s a big old spike. – [Lauren] Specifically,
a Gafftopsail Catfish, or Sail Cat, notorious for
going after anything on a hook. What are you gonna do? – It’s not really hooked
in there very well, so I’m just gonna see if
I can get it off this way. – [Lauren] Do you want me to hold the line while you grab the back of the fish? – Oh shit, I knew this was a bad idea. Sorry buddy. He’s fine. – [Lauren] Did he swim away? – Yeah. – [Lauren] Eww, what is all that? – That’s all his slime. – [Lauren] In addition to
their poisonous, spiny barbs they excrete an extremely
slippery, toxic slime when caught. – We’re learning. – [Lauren] I don’t know if we’re cut out for this whole fishing thing. – How do I get all this slime off of me? – So, we’re hanging out
here at Cabbage Key, just north of Fort Meyers, where we left the boat
for a couple of days, and we’re doing a Hobie shoot, with our buddies over at Hobie. (upbeat music) – [Lauren] When we lived in San Diego, we became friends with a few
people who worked at Hobie, including the staff photographer. When two of their models
dropped out last minute, he asked if we could fill in. We are modeling today, believe it or not. So we’re driving kayaks around. This afternoon, we’re gonna get up on stand-up paddle boards. We’re not doing anything today. We’re literally sitting and eating. – Drink Le Croix. – Yeah, and we were out on
the water for like 40 minutes and now we’ve had nothing
to do for the last 2 hours, and we’re gonna have nothing to do for another hour and a half. – And by we Lauren means she
is not doing anything today, ’cause I just spent an hour and a half on a conference call, now
I’m gonna go edit sound. – Okay, I’m not doing anything. I’m just hanging out with
my new gal pal Naomi, and you know, living up the model life. It’s ridiculous. – Are you ready sir Kirk? – [Kirk] I would like to go
paddle boarding now Jeeves. Or kayaking. You have a life jacket on, that’s good, ’cause I’m gonna flip you over. (upbeat music) – Okay. – Today is day two of – Trying to look suave. Basically trying not to
look like giant goobers who just came off of a boat. – Which is totally what we are. But, we’re having a blast, it’s been fun. It’s been a nice diversion from the boat. I think we should
probably head over there. – That is wild. You wanna touch him? – [Kirk] I touched him, yeah. – Oh, he’s scared. He’s squeezing all the water out. – [Kirk] He’s squeezing
in tighter and tighter. – All right, I’ll put you back. There you go. – [Kirk] Give me the, “I’m
proud of my kids,” look. – I learned all of these looks, from the real model, Naomi, over there, who was hired from an actual agency, not just because we were
friends of the company, like we are. But she has these looks that she does, for all of her commercial
lifestyle shoots. And there’s like four main ones. One of them is I’m proud
of my kids and it’s like. Something like that. – [Kirk] That’s pretty good. – There’s inner determination,
when you’re overcoming an obstacle and you resolve. To be all that you can be. So basically, like a mom
getting over allergies, to take care of her kids. I have to do it with handle bars. – [Kirk] Oh, okay. – Because I’m on the
Eclipse with allergies. – [Kirk] And sneeze. – Oh okay, there’s over the shoulder laughing at your friend. – [Kirk] So, are you gonna sign up? Are you getting an agent now? – Hell no. Did you see the interview I tried to do with Nicole last night. I froze up like a clam. If clams freeze. – [Kirk] They do. – I’m totally fine talking to your iPhone, and then as soon as the videographer says, “Okay, can you say this for me?” I’m like. – [Kirk] Repeat after me, word for word. – Yeah, and I can’t do it, word for word. – [Kirk] Oh wow, he’s huge. He’s Huge! Hey dude! He’s right under you. He’s just hanging out. – Oh what’s up buddy? – [Kirk] Hi! – Oh my god, can see us? What’s going through his head right now? What is he thinking right now? Hi! Yeah, come on over. – [Kirk] We haven’t touched him, no. He’s got hit by a boat. See him? (relaxing music) – [Kirk] I am not your mother. I’m sorry. Aww, he’s rolling again. (relaxing music)

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  • Adventure Otaku says:

    I worked in photography for a decade, and as a photo assistant, working on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue (yes, I am in the HBO special briefly, 1994) I learned the importance of the pose "secret smile" which is accomplished by looking into the lens and smiling using just your eyes. Like smiling at someone in a way no one else will notice except that person, or the camera. Yes, that is just the start of how crazy fashion photography is.

  • Sometimes I see me as an old manatee
    Headin' south as the waters grow colder
    Tries to steer clear of the hum-drum so near
    It cuts prop scars deep in his shoulder

  • Drag some of these, lite colors for dark days and dark colors for bright days.

  • You are more than sexy and beautiful enough to be a model!! 100% πŸ˜‰ And no Kirk… I'm not talking about you! lmao! =)

  • Its not toxic slime! All catfish have slime. That was a gafftop sail catfish as you said. Ive been catching them all my life. Been stabbed a dozen times nothing to it. Just grab it as you would any catfish.

  • EdensGardenShed says:

    Wd40 was said to have fish oil in it at one time but i think it was a myth. Thats why it is sometimes suggested to use as fish attractant.

  • For the catfish put your palm on their belly then hook your index finger around the fin/barb on the side.
    Never been stuck doing it that way.

  • Your fishing line is too light, #50 lb test is about where you want to be. 30 or 40 lb test if the fish are picky, 80 lb if the fish are big and aggressive. Make sure you use the shock absorber.

  • Grip a cat from the underneath/side. Put your thumb behind the dorsal and fingers behind the side fins with forward (towards the head) pressure. Gives you a solid grip but keeps the barbs from being able to get you since they cant fold them back now. Can be done bare handed but until you get the hang of it I would keep practicing with a glove. Grabbing them by the back/tail is how you get stuck. They bend around and jam the barb into you. Have fun! Love the videos!

  • Here is some useless information :: at 3:44 in the video that airplane was the military P-3 it drops sonar buoys into the ocean to track submarine movement… and, there is your useless tip of the week !!

  • William F. Ryan Jr. says:

    That manatee was awesome the way it interacted with y'all. The modeling was so funny, making faces especially. The sun and warm weather makes me wish I was there because it's raining and chilly here in S.C. Thank you for the laughs β€πŸ‘β›΅

  • Your fishing skills are…… 😳😳😳..

    You can grab them with the spin between two fingers.. Oh and if you get stabbed by the spine.. RUB the belly with the punctured finger or ???

  • WD-40 is/ was used to cover up the human scent from touching bait. It is petroleum based. I don’t believe good stewardship would allow me to haphazardly put it in the water. There are lots of attractants that work without putting petroleum in them

  • I just wanted to say Lauren, how lovely your hair looked when you were swimming in the water with it all fanned out behind you. You were definitely blessed with lovely hair! Thanks for sharing your travels with us.

  • Hey Sailors, one time I was racing in Malaysia with light winds. After we crossed the starting line once, light winds and a bad tide pushed us back and some 15 minutes later with a good puff, we crossed the starting line a second time.

  • I've always called those fish "hardheads"… I have a tool with a "U" on the end of it which lets me just flip the fish off of the hook. Those fish can seriously hurt you with that dorsal fin.

  • Robert Adams Metal Detecting says:

    If you grab a catfish by the belly. Thumb under one side barb and the other side barb between first and second finger. They can't get you. If you are barbed, rub the belly slime on it. It is still crazy to me to watch you guys cruising the area I live. Cayo Costa is beautiful. For where it is. How did you like the rocky channel into Pineland marina?

  • You guys are hard to keep track of. But a couple of suggestions. If you are going to use a hand line, Google "Cuban Yo Yo" and get all the information you will need. I used one for hundreds of miles and had one 35# Mahi Mahi to show for it plus some other smaller ones including a 10# tuna. If you are headed back toward Key West again, do not miss the Dry Tortugas. If you go, be sure to take several six packs of cheap beer and several pints of cheap rum. Why? A lot of commercial fishermen anchor near there. You can trade a 6 pack for 5# of big shrimp (more if you drive a hard bargain). A pint of rum will get you all the grouper you can eat in a week. Also, some rum or beer will get you all the ice you can find a place for. .As you sail along the coast you will have many chances to trade with commercial fishermen while at sea. My best deal was 2 six packs for 20# of 10 count shrimp. But, ALWAYS, say there is another couple sleeping below. I.E., don't ever let them know you are the only 2 on board. Just a safety tip, in hundreds of miles in the Gulf met up with many commercial fishermen with no problems, but safety first, last and always Lastly, I realize you have a sponsor, but keep a bottle of Head and Shoulders shampoo available. Works better in salt water than fresh. Just some thoughts from an ancient mariner.

  • Wow this vlog really made me miss my home state. Also, Catfish is great dipped in buttermilk and panko with Everglades Seasoning and conch great in fritters. Be Safe,

  • Not sure if this was said already, for fishing rig a small bungee to the line and leave the fishing line between the bungee and the boat with about 2 feet of slack in a loop. It’s better than rigid, and the WD40 thing is how I caught walleyes on Lake Huron!

  • ….. what didn't you do in this video …. think you about covered it, you missed a launch from the cape though .. smilin …. that fish would be enough to put anyone of fishing .. yikes …. Lauren, yes it would be so cool to know what that manatee was thinking as it was observing you … what an encounter …. thx for sharing a glimpse into your lives of working remotely …. have fun be safe, save our oceans ….

  • "Not very sexy"! Did you not see her before she jumped off that bowsprit? Goobers? I think not. Nice little break from your norm. Is the manatee a local that hangs in the little bay all the time or did you just get blessed by being in the right place at the right time? Thanks for sharing.

  • I noticed you bathing with a liquid soap. It’s probably environmentally safe and organic. Here is one that is all that and inexpensive. Just for your review. Used this for years camping and water traveling too. Great stuff. Many different enscineses.

  • Hey Guys…let your friends at Hobie know that their "subtle" cross-over marketing strategy worked brilliantly. I am now looking at buying a new Mirage Sport (gotta love that orange) and I can safely say I'd never even know about it if not for you two. Been loving your story since Episode 4. Keep lovin' life and it will keep lovin' back.

  • Defenitely a model anytime. You are a mamasita. 10 puond tuneup and you are right there with the famous ones. Tell your amore to take care of your beautiful lips, they are the framework of that amazing sexy smile.😜

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